Planning Your World … #SOLIDWORKS #3DXW23

It’s that time of year.

The cold has set in, for those in the Northern Hemisphere, whilst for us on the other side of the equator , the sun is shining, it’s getting warm, the beach is calling and Test Cricket is on the radio.

It’s also time to start getting organised for 3DEXPERIENCE World 2023

Tickets are now available for the CAD Monkey Dinner, this year to be held at Headquarters Beercade, on the Saturday night (11th February 2023). It’s the unofficial start to World, and after a few years absence, there will be much to catch up on.

There will be food, there will be a drink (or two) to be had, some old friend to catch up with & some new friends to make …… oh and Pinball machines, they have Pinball machines! Will be a great night …..

The Technical Session Agenda has now been released and it time to start thinking about what takes your interest! More importantly if you want to do a Hands on Workshop do not hesitate. Now (yes, right now) is the time to make those selections to reserve your spot!

I always like to select a couple of session for each of the time slots!  There are a few reasons for that. I normally find that there are a few different session, in the same time slot, that take my interest.  It’s always nice to keep my option open and I like to make my mind up on the day.  The 3DEXPERIENCE World site doesn’t allow you to add multiple sessions to your schedule.  So I’ve always found it more convenient to use my Outlook calendar and create meeting.   This way, at a quick glance I can see what sessions I have marked down, and decide which one I’ll attend.  

A more important reason to have an back up session planned, is that, unless it is a hands on session, just because you have selected, the session, it doesn’t guarantee you a seat in the room!  Once the room has reached capacity the doors get closed!  Even more important, is the session may not be what you think it is, the presenter may not be as dynamic as you would have liked, or you have no idea what they are talking about!  Don’t stay, it’s your World and you are there for yourself.  Consult your back up session, extract yourself the best you can and head to your alternate room.  Sure you won’t get the full session but part is better than none.

The technical sessions are starting to more reflect the transition from SOLIDWORKS World to 3DEXPERIENCE World. There appears to be far more session on the Platform and Cloud based applications. This is a good opportunity, if you are curious in those products to gain a better insight.

As for me, on a first run though, there are a few stand-out sessions.

My good friend Eric Beatty, looks to have a most interesting presentation, on a variation on the use of FeatureWorks. I have this down as a not to miss presentation!

There has always been good presentation on Tips & Tricks at World. This one looks to be up there with the best of them. I’m curious to see how Lennart brings the motion of the train to this session .. 🙂

For many of us working for a small business, who know they should have a PDM system, and use the cloud for so many other things, there is a if or when, is the time for your SOLIDWORKS data to be there. This looks to be a informative session to address those questions.

We have all been there! Confession is good for the soul and teaching others, how not to to follow in your footsteps. I’m sure this will be a self depreciating session, and not only will it be educational, but will be good for Tank, to be able to exercise some modeling demons! … 🙂

I always like to have a few “out of the box” sessions selected, to compliment my core selections. Many of us have been around computer for quite a while, but do we really know what we are doing? This may just assist to answer that question?

These are just a few of the many of hundreds of sessions, to select from each day. I could make a case for almost all of them. But what suits me may not suit you.

Check out the available sessions, review, think, read the fine print and see what is going to make your World, better.

At this stage I don’t see room allocations, which is not unusual at this time. The Nashville Music City Center is spread out over four levels and some of the Technical Sessions rooms are tuck away, from the highest level, to the furthest point, at the far end of the building. Nashville Music City Center has a very good AppThe app can pinpoint your location anywhere in the building and provide you with precise, turn-by-turn, photo-based directions to get you where you need to go. Just type in the room or event you are trying to find and the app will lead you there“.

It’s certainly worth downloading  

Interesting looking at the times for the Technical session. Monday are what we know as traditional times, starting at 10:30am after a break, after what is the normal General Session. I note that Tuesday and Wednesday have technical sessions starting at 8:30am … curious indeed.
We know that Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS has been mixing up World since the move to 3DEXPERIENCE World. Rethinking, the what was traditional! So the only surprises is, what will those surprise be, this year? At this stage we don’t see a full World Agenda …… what does DS SOLIDWORKS have installed for us?

We will just have to wait and see, what they have installed for us!

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