This site is the result of me winning the SolidWorks “Internet Correspondence Contest” to attend and cover SOLIDWORKS World 2011. Due to the enjoyment that I got from posting and the feedback I received  I have continued to do so!

Due to my postings about SOLIDWORKS I have been invited to SOLIDWORKS World for the past few years as “Press”
Dassault Systèmes – SOLIDWORKS Corporation have provided my flights, accommodation and conference fees to the SOLIDWORKS World Events

In saying that this site is about me and what I do. SOLIDWORKS (the software) is part of that. Dassault Systèmes – SOLIDWORKS Corporation does not influence or make any requests from me! Therefore any thoughts, excitement & enthusiasm displayed in these posts are mine & mine alone!


At SOLIDWORKS World 2015 I meet with SolidProfessor to discuss their Training programs and Video Tutorials.  SolidProfessor has provided me with subscription to their SOLIDWORKS Training Program

SolidProfessor does not influence or make any requests from me.  I have used their training for my own personal development and have written those that experiences

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