Back in 2016 Todd Blacksher had an idea (or maybe a dream, or was it a vision), how could he create the largest SOLIDWORKS User Group Meeting ?

It was a simple pretext get as many SOLIDWORKS User Groups to hold a meeting at the same time! Simple really, across multiple countries and numerous time zones, I don’t see any issues. … right! Link them all together by having a live presentation via a video meeting. They laughed …… it will never work ….. video meeting, who would ever attend those. (Fast forward five year … hello global pandemic) But the powers to be, gave the nod, facilitated the means, (what could possible come of it) and thus the SOLIDWORKS Largest User Group Meeting Ever came to be!

Over the years the SLUGME committee(s) have put together some amazing meeting, provided some wonderful presenters & presentation and the odd surprise along the way! (I’ll just phone a friend … šŸ™‚ )
You can catch up on a couple of those presentations on the SLUGME YouTube Channel

SLUGME has racked up some impressive number over the years, with large number of attendees, serious quantity of pizzas and the length of time the meetings have run, with last year’s SLUGMEV coming in just under 4hours!

So how was SLUGME6 going to top that! Enter Todd Blacksher, Eric Beatty and Kam Smith …. SLUGMEV hold my beer!

Let me paraphrase a fellow Australian …….. “That’s not a SOLIDWORKS Largest User Group Meeting Ever …… this is a SOLIDWORKS Largest Longest User Group Meeting Ever ….. 4hours not even warming up, why not just go the full TWENTY FOUR HOURS.

Yep you read that right …. insane! I just happen to know the three of them, they appear quite normal. (most of the time) Just sometimes words just come out of their collective mouths and next minute they (along with SOLIDWORKS Dan Wagner – Manager ā€“ SOLIDWORKS User Group Network) are working out how to run SLUGME6 to coincide with the 24hours of Le Mans?

Again you read that right ….. SLUGME6 not only will run for 24hours, but at the same time as the 24hours of Le Mans. If you are going to run and broadcast an event along side the 24hours of Le Mans you may as well theme your event the same as well

There are going to be some great presenters, the who’s who of the SOLIDWORKS world! The full roaster of Crew Chiefs and Drivers (see the Le Mans theme) are still to be finalised but I see Jordan Tadic, Toby Schnaars (Too Tall Toby), Artem Taturevych (Xarial), Kirby Downey (The CORE Podcast), Jason Pohl (who you might know from a little television program called American Chopper)

As well as the great presenters mentioned I might even make an appearance!

So how do you get involved, register at SOLIDWORKS.com/SLUGME and/ or subscribe to the SOLIDWORKS YouTube channel

Now you are just going to need multiple screens to be able to take in SLUGME6 … whilst keeping an eye on the 24hours of Le Mans …..



List of Presentations for SLUGME6

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