When I first started with SOLIDWORKS back in 2005, I did the Essential Training at our resellers. It was part of buying SOLIDWORKS. Three days of training, where it covered how to get started with solid modeling and ran through those features, that you would go on to use daily in your line of work.

Then I was set loose, to work in the software, unsupervised, all on my own! I didn’t work. or know, another SOLIDWORKS User at the time, and hadn’t at that stage discovered the thriving SOLIDWORKS Community.

Occasionally I’ll still stumble across some models from those early days and wonder …… what I was thinking! But I got by and at the time it was all I knew. After a few years working with SOLIDWORKS, you know there must be better ways, to do some of things, that you do. Between the new features released with each new version of SOLIDWORKS and some things that you discover as you get deeper into the software. You start to evolve how you model! You may even go looking to learn more, get some advance training, join a SOLIDWORKS User Group, or discover a blog like this 🙂

I’m sure that, this is a familiar story. You’re reading this because you want to get better at your job, or gain more knowledge, or simply enjoy the experience of finding a better way to do things!

Which is how I discovered and learnt that SOLIDWORKS Surfacing features are more than just tools for doing Surface modeling! They are, just additional tools that you should understand how and when to use with your solid modeling.

This is the video I put together for the SLUGME6 event. A 24hour marathon of SOLIDWORKS insanity and learning. I was truly honoured to be a small part of it, with this presentation.

In it I show a few of the Surface tools that I use with the work that I do. It demonstrates some of the Surface features that I use with solid modeling.

It’s 40minutes in length and in it, I show some practical use of the tools, where I talk my way through the process. There is even the additional tip or two as well!

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the presentation, more so, that you will mange to learnt some things from it as well!

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