SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015 – Partner Pavilion – Photo Journal #SOLIDWORKS #sww15

I say this every year when I come home from SOLIDWORKS World “I never spend enough time in the Partner Pavilion”  I always have plans which never work out.  I either meet people or get talking with someone about a certain product and then realise I have another appointment that I have to be at.  This seems to repeat over the four days.   Talk about First World problems !

This years Partner Pavilion divided up similar to previous years.   What could be loosely grouped as a mixture of Customer products, Hardware and Software  These are just a selection of things I found interesting.

This year there appeared to be a a complete new selections of  Customer product compared to previous years.

This years bike company was Pivot Cycles with their Mach 6 Carbon IMG_9734IMG_9735IMG_9737IMG_9736Normandy Guitars with their beautiful Aluminium GuitarsIMG_9773IMG_9772IMG_9770IMG_9771Keeping with the musical theme.  One of the most outstanding engineered audio products the Reed Muse 3C turntable IMG_9768IMG_9764Complimenting the Reed products was the Allinic vacuum tube amplifier IMG_9765There were a range of Parrot DronesIMG_9795IMG_9796IMG_9798IMG_9799 Following on from there appearance in the General Session  Astrobotics had both the Griffin Lander and the Moon Rover on displayIMG_9753IMG_9754IMG_9755IMG_9756IMG_9757IMG_9758Moving into the software:

Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS had their full range of products on display IMG_9761 IMG_9760DriveWorks Design Automation

IMG_9777KeyShot – Had some truly remarkable renders on displayIMG_9780 IMG_9779CAMWorks displayed some beautiful machined examplesIMG_9793 IMG_9792The major hardware players were all there

HP had a amazing HP Designjet Z5400 printing high quality gorgeous images.  Or maybe it was enhanced by the image of the Porsche 365 SpeedsterIMG_9781IMG_9783 IMG_9784AMD as always has a wonderful display of images showing off their Graphic cardsIMG_9790 IMG_9789I don’t recall having seen MSI at Solidworks World before!  They displayed a range of their CAD Workstation Laptops.     IMG_9767IMG_97663Dconnexion as usual had a full range of their wonderful products.  Including the just released CadMouse IMG_9775Of course there were a range of 3D Printers

The most interesting is the MCOR Iris which uses paper for it’s build.  (I’ll have more on the MCOR in a following post)IMG_9738 IMG_9745Stratasys was unusually quiet.

IMG_9791 The Cube from 3D SystemsIMG_9803MarkForged continues to attract plenty of attention now in production with the Mark One 

(I’m now switching into gossip columnist mode) I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall as I walked passed the cafe outside the Convention Center on the Tuesday.  Witnessing Greg Mark (CEO – MarkForged) , Bernard Charles – President & CEO – Dassault Systemes  and Gian Paolo Bassi (CEO – SOLIDWORKS) enjoying the sunshine and a little lunch.IMG_9809Interesting last year all of the MarkForged display components were all about Carbon Fibre.  This year the fibre of choice appeared to be KevlarIMG_9800MakerBot showed off their range of Fifth Generation 3D PrintersIMG_9807 IMG_9808Air Wolf certainly “Stands out from the pack” both with their printer but also a few unique filamentsIMG_9806Next year I promise (well hopefully anyway) I spend more time in the Partner Pavilion

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