SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015 – General Session Day 2 – Photo Journal – Part 2 #sww15 #solidworks

Continuing on from SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015 – General Session Day 2 – Part 1

Marie Planchard is introduced to the stage and talks about Women in EngineeringIMG_9640 IMG_9642Maire talks about her conversation with Pr. Sol Diamond and the high female ration in Engineering at the Dartmouth College IMG_9644and the SOLIDWORKS Women in Engineering ProgramIMG_9647Rachel York is recognised for her AchievementsIMG_9649Marie talks about the Fab Foundation Partnership and the FabLabs Outreach IMG_9650 IMG_9651and the young women of the FIRST RoboticsIMG_9654Marie introduces Bettina Chen – Co-Founder – RoominateIMG_9659IMG_9661 IMG_9660Suchit re-enters the stage to talk about My.SOLIDWORK IMG_9662My.SOLIDWORKS the place to go for:IMG_9665My,SOLIDWORKS TrainingIMG_9667My,SOLIDWORKS Training CSWA prep-courseIMG_9668Integration with proto labsIMG_9663Soon to be added additional localised Online Training ContentIMG_9669My.SOLIDWORKS Manufacturing Network IMG_9670A NEW 3D ContentCentral site to be launched soonIMG_9673Suchit introduces John Thorton – CEO AstroboticsIMG_9680A race to film 500metre of the Moon Surface. The Griffin LanderIMG_9681The steps to get there.IMG_9682The challenges facedIMG_9684Prototype propulsion flight testing.IMG_9683The Moon RoverIMG_9685IMG_9686Where they want to land it! Next to a “sink hole” and live in a cave!IMG_9689You too can send things to the moon.  For a mere $1.2M per Kilogram www.moonmail.coIMG_9690A brief message from our sponsor – HPIMG_9691To be continued




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