Who’s SolidWorks, Your SolidWorks – My.SolidWorks.com #mysolidworks #solidworks

Earlier this week the Sydney SolidWorks Usergroup was fortunate to be joined by Keri Prasky – Community Operations Senior Manager – Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corporation.  Keri had only arrived that morning (after the long haul from the US of A) and we were gratefully for her attendance!  She presented on the SolidWorks Community and how to currently access available information provided by the current Customer Portal, SolidWorks Forum, SolidWorks Blog, the You Tube Channel and Online help.

She then presented what SolidWorks feels will be a simpler easier way, a single entry point for accessing information – My.SolidWorks

The My.SolidWorks site sources information from the SolidWorks Forums, SolidWorks Blog, SolidWorks Teacher Blog, SolidWorks YouTube channel and SolidWorks on Twitter.

My first viewing of My.SolidWorks website was at SolidWorks World 2013.  I’ve been an infrequent visitor to the site since then.  As I’ve said in a previous post about the Forum  I use RSS (in Outlook – YES Microsoft Outlook – I like it ALL RIGHT!) for the SolidWorks Forum and Blog!  But since the My.SolidWorks website went live last week I’ve been spenting more & more time in it and I’m starting to like it!

One of the things I like is that the Forum posts not only show the starting discussion but the attachments as well


Another nice feature is “Suggestive” Search

Live Sreach

Sometimes you never know what you’ll find when you go searching!

Ego Search

When searching for more serious topics the search can be filtered by either/ or Category, Area or Source


The site can be accessed and used without logging on, but by logging on (using your Customer Portal Account) and those with subscription will have additional source with SPR’s and the Knowledge Base.

This is just the start for My.SolidWorks speaking briefly to Keri (at the User group meeting) I understand that sourcing from 3D Content Central will be added in the not to distant future!  As well as a full Mobile site!  Currently I believe that it can be accessed from iPad & iPad Mini but not iPhone or Android (as my Nexus 7 shows)  I understand that this is due to the display size setting of the webpage  (resisting typing “Who said size matters”)


Well that’s my take on My.SolidWorks   I’m sure once the mobile site is up and running it will become my default access to SolidWorks information!  But don’t take my word for My.SolidWorks    Watch the introduction video and then go and check it out for yourself at: htt://www.my.solidworks.com

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