Keeping an Eye on the SolidWorks Forum #SolidWorks

Last week DS SolidWorks pushed out Service Pack 4.0 for SolidWorks.

For those of us who have been guilty of not reading the Release notes, it would have been easy to have missed the added Forum Tab to Task Pane feature


For those of us who frequent the SolidWorks Forum, either to seek assistance or to sharing ones knowledge, there is now a way to keep an eye on what’s happening in the Forum without leaving SolidWorks.  A Forum Tab can now be added to the Task Pane.   Under Add-Ins there is now a SolidWorks Forum 2012 box to Select.  


Which will add the Forum Tab to the Task Pane.  Once it loads it displays the Discussions from the Forum, which can then be sort by various Categories listed or by various other criterion (date, etc.)  


By allowing the Forum Tab to be set by the Add-In, it lets those either without an Internet connection or those not interested in the Forum or who ……… oh I see a pretty blue fish……………..


Sorry ……… those of us who are easily distracted to Add-In as required.


I doubt I’ll use the Forum Tab, I like as much screen as I can get and always have the Task Pane auto closed.  Besides some of us still believe in RSS and like Outlook preview!    


One response to “Keeping an Eye on the SolidWorks Forum #SolidWorks”

  1. […] an infrequent visitor to the site since then.  As I’ve said in a previous post about the Forum  I use RSS (in Outlook – YES Microsoft Outlook – I like it ALL RIGHT!) for the SolidWorks […]

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