With just a few day to go, before the start of 3DEXPERIENCE World 2023, things are starting to come together. I’m getting notifications from the airline approving my documentations, and the hotel is certainly looking forward, to having me stay with them, if the number of emails telling me so, are any indication.

The event team has updated the Session Catalog site. There is now a new header which guides you too the “Attendee Hub”

That will take you to a new log in page, which includes two stage authorisation and a completely new & different layout! Have a look around and check out the welcome video!

Slightly more important, is the sessions have now all been allocated Room Numbers!

To go with the new site is …. the mobile APP!
You need to look for Cvent Events (in your choice of App Stores). Once downloaded and installed, it will ask for a code – NASH 3DXW2023

The app duplicates the new event site (in a mobile view layout)

All the session are listed and you can display your own session. You can even add your own meetings and appointments via the + button

Selecting the individual session will give you details and the Room number and cleverly links to the Floor Plan of the Convention Center!

Have a good look around the app, you will find the Session Surveys under your profile, along with the setting to enable notifications.

World is just around the corner, I have a couple of flights, Sydney – Houston – Nashville in just a days or so time. Just a short 24hours of travel door to door!

Looking forward to the event, catching up with friend, it’s been way to long!

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