3DEXPERIENCE World is back and live after three years in the wilderness. We all know why there hasn’t been an live World event held in the past couple of years … so there is no need to discuss any of that. After a false start last year, everything for Nashville is starting to fall into place.

You can find everything official and register for the event on the 3DEXPERIENCE World Event site

But what about everything that is not official, at this stage …. I’ve seen a few comments & posts starting to make an appearance.

I was catching up on The CORE Podcast recording yesterday …. if you don’t know The CORE Podcast! , Jonny Harrison (Kessel Run Creations) and Kirby Downey (KJDesigns365), both SOLIDWORKS User Group Leaders in the UK, talk a mixture of design, maker, Lego, SOLIDWORK, mixed in with some nonsense & alcohol and you get a whole lot of information & entertainment. Whilst Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS will have their own broadcast going out from Nashville on SOLIDWORKS Live, hosted by Sean O’Neill, The CORE Podcast will also be broadcast live from “The Hive”, inside the Convention Center at Nashville. Their “Hallway Hangouts” are officially sanctioned, but somehow, and for some reason, not censored! This should make for some interesting interviews & discussions about the event.
They look to be actually planning things, so we should see T-Shirts (available before the event) & badge ribbons (available at the event). Check out The CORE Podcast over the next few months and look out for them in The Hive.

CAD Monkey Dinner – 2023

The big talk on the street is that the CAD Monkey Dinner is also returning for Nashville. The CAD Monkey Dinner has been the unofficial start to SOLIDWORKS/ 3DEXPERIENCE Worlds, on the Saturday night, before World, since it’s humble beginning at the Hard Rock – San Diego Café at SOLIDWORKS World 2012. It continues to grow in size each year and regularly sees, everyone from the CEO, along with numerous other DS SOLIDWORKS employees, to the who’s who of the SOLIDWORKS community, along with a host of industry sponsors.

Whilst there is no official announcement on where the event is to be held, at this stage, I understand that we will see that soon. It’s always a great start to World, a chance to catch up with friends, over some food and a few drinks! With the circumstances of the past few years, there is three years of catching up to do! It might just be a big one! Be on the look out for the details of the CAD Monkey dinner. Reach out to Dan Herzberg (@MegaHertz604) if you plan to attend or if you have interest as a industry sponsor.

Whilst the list of technical presentations and key note speaker have not yet been released, there has been some talk. I’ve seen names of potential keynotes and as always they look be interesting, educational & entertaining.

Similar with the the breakout technical session, whilst it will still be a few weeks before session selection and a full list of presenters, it’s good to see a couple of friends Adam Ebernickel, leader of WNC-Asheville SOLIDWORKS User Group, and Brad Meador, leader of the StarCity SWUG, and the organisers/participants of IRON SWUG have their presentations selected

Whilst World is still a little way off, (84days and counting) it’s time to start planning. Look out for the official announcements for session selection and more importantly don’t miss out on the CAD Monkey dinner.

Looking forward to seeing all who can make 3DEXPERIENCE World 2023 in Nashville.

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