3DEXPERIENCE World 2020 – Tips & Hints for a better experience #SOLIDWORKS #3DXW20

3DEXPERIENCE World 2020 – Nashville is just a week or so away.

I’ve have a couple of busy weeks in front of me.  I still need to finalise a design and create manufacturing information for a Special Purpose vehicle, that the workshop is waiting on.   Then there are the normal domestic duties that will need attending to next weekend, before I can escape.  So I’ve taken advantage of this “Australia Day” long weekend to do a little planning for 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020

Whilst I do some planning let me share a few tips that I’ve picked up over the previous years of attending a few SOLIDWORKS Worlds

Of course by now you would have made your selections for the Technical Session.  I like to select a couple of session for each of the time slots!  There are a few reasons why I do so.  I find that there are a few different session that I’m interested in.  It’s nice  to keep my option open and make my mind up on the day.  The 3DEXPERIENCE World site doesn’t allow you to add multiple sessions to your schedule.  So I’ve always found it more convenient to use my Outlook calendar and create meeting.    This way, at a quick glance I can my selections and decide which one I’ll attend.   Looking at the Agenda over the weekend, I see that the room allocation have now been added for the Technical session.

A more important reason to have an back up session planned, is that, unless it is a hands on session, just because you have selected it, doesn’t guarantee you a seat in the room!  Once the room has reached capacity the doors get closed!  Even more important, is the session may not be what you think it is, the presenter may not be as dynamic as you would have liked, or you have no idea what they are talking about!  Don’t stay, it’s your World and you are there for yourself.  Consult your back up session, extract yourself the best you can and head to your alternate room.  Sure you won’t get the full session but part is better than none.

Unless you are taking a Certification exam, attending the CAD Managers Boot Camp or some Feedback sessions you might think you have an easy Sunday.   Don’t waste it, use the time well!   First thing I do after I register, is do what any good engineer/designer/ creator does when they find something that isn’t right, modify it!   I’m talking conference name badge!  That’s right, as humble as it is, in the past few years the badge has been attached to the lanyard via a single metal dog clip, which also includes a swivel.  This combination does two things, one, it allows the badge to bounce all over the place as you walk, inevitably again the law of averages your badge will always be facing the the wrong direction when you meet people!  Added to this, the clip lowers the badge by 50mm/ 2″.  This can lead to some unintentional “myeyes-are-uphere” situation when meeting people as you try to pick up their name.

Fortunately there is a simple fix.  Remove the clip, thread the lanyard through and loop it back through itself.  This will raises the badge by 75mm/ 3″, reduces the bounce and circumvents much of the name reversal!

The location for Breakfast/ Lunch, General Session and the now named Playground Halls are normally clearly signed.  Music City Center is spread over four levels and some of the Technical Sessions rooms can be tucked away.  Walk each of your days, following the order of your sessions. Although there will be maps as part of the things you are given when you pick up your pass, nothing beats a good reconnaissance.  Although that may be less necessary this year.   Looking at the Music City Center (which looks to be a wonderful architectural building) website, they have a “Wayfinding” App.  In their own words:

The new Music City Center mobile app is your personal guide to the Music City Center. Whenever you need help, simply open the app and tell it where you need to go, whether it’s the closest restroom or how to get back to the parking garage. The app can pinpoint your location anywhere in the building and provide you with precise, turn-by-turn, photo-based directions to get you where you need to go. Just type in the room or event you are trying to find and the app will lead you there

Speaking of Apps,  Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS will be releasing a complete App this year.  Unlike last years mobile browser based product, from the screen shot released over the weekend it looks to have full coverage of the event.  It will have your technical sessions and importantly the feedback forms for those session.  It is due to be released the first week in February.

You can never spend enough time in the Partner Pavilion now renamed the 3DEXPERIENCE Playground!  It will be crowded in there at time. You will find that Food & Beverages make an appearance in the afternoon or early evening!  Don’t be afraid to skip a Technical Session and spend that time in the 3DEXPERIENCE Playground, it will be quieter which will give you a better chance to speak to the people working the booths.   There are also a number of presentation at the Certified Partner Theater so have a look at the schedule!

3DEXPERIENCE World is more of an endurance event than a sprint!   Wear comfortable shoes. You are going to put in some km/ miles, the numbers and hours will add up by the end of the day. The last data I kept was SOLIDWORKS World 2018 – Los Angeles my stats ended up like this:

Sunday 10.07km/ 6.25m, Steps 13,285, Total Active Time 16h 3min,
Monday 10.64km/ 6.61m, Steps 14,390, Total Active Time 12h 49min,
Tuesday 8.82km/ 5.48m, Steps 11,989, Total Active Time 16h 56min
Wednesday 8.18km/ 5,08m, Steps 11,022, Total Active Time 18h 32min

There are going to be 5000+ people at the event!  At times all in one hall!  Most in the previous day or two, have been contained in the confines of aluminum tubes (planes fuselage) for some hours on end! (for some of us, more than a few hours)  They’ve passed through airports, been in taxis, on public transport and are now staying in motels!   They have traveled long hours, had late nights, are run down and who knows what they may be harboring!   Bring a small personal bottle of Hand Sanitizer.  Get the good stuff containing ethyl alcohol, use it regularly, don’t have your “World” or the week or so afterwards ruined by some virus not of your own making.    Also try and get some fresh air, along with some sunshine in the day light hours !    It can be hard to take all that learning in.  Take a walk at lunch time, again if you have too skip a Technical Session, then do so.  You will benefit from it.  Better than finding yourself nodding off in a technical session.

The Hive is back for 2020!  If this is your first “World” then you are in for a treat!  But you might find yourself with questions!  Then head to The Hive.  It is going to be located up on level three, across from Hall D where the General Sessions are to be held.   Need assistance, at anytime, or just want someone to talk SOLIDWORKS with!  Then look out for anyone with a green SWUGN ribbon or an Ambassador badge.  I’m pleased to say I’ll be sporting both!  The SWUGN ribbons are for SOLIDWORKS User Group Leaders, if they can’t assist, then no one can!

If you are there by yourself, don’t be concerned about breakfast & lunch seating. If you have a table to yourself, someone will ask to join you!  If you don’t see a free table, look around for a vacant seat, Ask can you join them. Put out your hand, introduce yourself. Everyone has a story, everyone loves to talk shop, everyone will want to know your story.  It’s amazing the people you meet, the work that they do and what they do with SOLIDWORKS!    So bring plenty of Business Cards.  This event is about making connections!   Don’t miss an opportunity!

As always I’m looking forward to the event, catching up with friends and meeting all.  If you see me around, please introduce yourself.


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  1. Great bit of information there my Aussie friend. Safe travel to Nashville.

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