Other the past couple of SOLIDWORKS Worlds Virtual/ Extended Reality has made quite a presence.  Featuring in both the General Sessions as well as various demonstrations of the products throughout the Partner Pavilion.

One of the leader in this field has been Emulate3D with it’s Demo3DVR for SOLIDWORKS.   They are soon to release Version 2 of the product.  One of the new features with V2 is the ability to have Kinematic movement whilst in the Virtual Reality environment.

The below video demonstrates highlights some of the new features.

Some of you may recognizes a familiar model in the video from SOLIDWORKS 2018.   We at TRAKKA (for those unaware, my place of employment) were pleased to be able to provide the model to Emulate3D to show the enhancement to the software.

For those attending SOLIDWORKS World 2019 Emulate3D can be found on Stand 529 of the Partner Pavilion.  The video doesn’t truly do justice to the immersive world of Virtual Reality.  It is something you have to experience yourself inside a VR headset.  I’m certainly looking forward to reacquainting myself with the Virtual Reality world (along with my model)

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