SOLIDWORKS World 2019 – Some Advice for those of you that are new #SOLIDWORKS #SWW19

SOLIDWORKS World 2019 is just a week and a bit away and over at the “SOLIDWORKS World 2019” website we are staring to see more information about the event.

The Keynote speakers have been announced, as too the location of the Tuesday night Special Event.  For those who were at SOLIDWORKS World 2016 in Dallas, the special event returns to Gilley’s Dallas.

Something new for SOLIDWORKS World 2019 is the “The Hive”, a place were first timers can seek some advice and wise words about what they are just about to get into!

I can still remember my first SOLIDWORKS World – 2011 in San Antonio TX.  There is so much to take in and I was fortunate to have a couple of experience SOLIDWORKS World’ers to lead me astray look after me.

Now is my opportunity to give a little back.  I am fortunate to be one of the SOLIDWORKS World 2019 Ambassadors!  I’ll be there at “The Hive” as well as throughout the rest of the week, passing on some things I have learnt.  Not only how to best survive, but to get the most out of the event.

Before you get to the event there are a few things you should consider.  By now you should have made your selections for the Technical Session.   Now go back and look for a backup!  There are a couple of reasons to do.  Unless it is a hands on session just because you have selected it, doesn’t guarantee you a seat in the room!  Once the room has reached capacity the doors get closed!   More importantly the session may not be what you think it is, the presenter may not be as dynamic as you would have liked or you have no idea what they are talking about!   Don’t stay, it’s your World and you are there for yourself.  Consult your back up session, extract yourself the best you can and head to your alternate room.  Sure you won’t get the full session but part is better than none,

Which leads into “use your Sunday well”  First visit The Hive!  Everyone will have good advice.  More importantly, use the time to know where everything is.  The location for Breakfast/ Lunch and General Session Halls are normally clearly signed.  However some of the Technical Sessions rooms can be tucked away.   There will be rooms in both the Conference Center and the Omni Hotel.   Walk each of your days, following the order of your sessions.  Although there will be maps as part of the things you are given when you pick up your pass, nothing beats a good reconnaissance.

Which leads too!  Wear comfortable shoes.  You will do some km/ miles, the numbers will add up by the end of the day.  Last year at SOLIDWORKS World 2018 – Los Angeles my stats ended up like this:

Sunday 10.07km/  6.25m, Steps 13,285, Total Active Time 16h 3min,
Monday 10.64km/ 6.61m, Steps 14,390, Total Active Time 12h 49min,
Tuesday 8.82km/ 5.48m, Steps 11,989, Total Active Time 16h 56min
Wednesday 8.18km/ 5,08m, Steps 11,022,  Total Active Time 18h 32min

You can never spend enough time in the Partner Pavilion!  It will be crowded in there at time.  You will find that Food & Beverages make an appearance in the afternoon or early evening!   Don’t be afraid to skip a Technical Session and spend that time in the Partner Pavilion, it will be quieter which will give you a better change to speak to people.

Fresh air!  Try to get some, along with some sunshine in the day light hours!  It can be hard to take all that learning in.  Take a walk at lunch time, again if you have too skip a Technical Session, then do so!   There is the wonderful Pioneer Plaza right next to the Conference Center

Tuesday night Special Event!  Enjoy, indulge but remember SOLIDWORKS World is an endurance event,  There is still Wednesday to go and you don’t want to miss the General Session and the SOLIDWORKS 2020 Preview ….. maybe that is why it has been pushed back to later in the morning 😊

There by yourself!  Don’t be concerned about breakfast & lunch seating.  If you have a table to yourself, someone will ask to join you!   If you don’t see a free table, look around for a vacant seat,   Ask can you join them.   Put out your hand, introduce yourself.   Everyone has a story, everyone loves to talk shop, everyone will want to know your story.  It’s amazing the people you meet, the work that they do and what they do with SOLIDWORKS!

I’ve still got some more Tips up my sleeve!  Come and meet me and the rest of the SOLIDWORKS World 2019 Ambassadors at “The Hive” or if you see me throughout the event come up and introduce yourself.

As always I’m looking forward to the event, catching up with friends and meeting all.



4 responses to “SOLIDWORKS World 2019 – Some Advice for those of you that are new #SOLIDWORKS #SWW19”

  1. Good stuff, Michael. Look forward to seeing you!

    1. Thanks Josh, Will be good to catch up

  2. Good stuff, Michael. Look forward to seeing you!

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