With the release of SOLIDWORKS 2019 we see a few enhancements with eDrawings Professional 2019.  The most significant of those would have to be the ability to save a file opened in eDrawings 2019 Professional to a html format.  

The html format file will then open in a web browser as a functional version of eDrawings.  This will greatly benefit anyone having to deal with non-technical, non-CAD people.  No longer will you need to go through the process of explaining where or how to download and install eDrawings, either for their computer or screened device.

The following video shows the html files opened in various web browsers

Adding the html file to Dropbox, the file opened and ran, functional in both Firefox & Chrome browsers within Android on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.  Interesting the file wouldn’t open complete and run in Samsung’s own “HTML Viewer”

Opening the file from Dropbox in iOS on a iPhoneX the file opened and ran functional from within Dropbox itself.

The ability to create a file that will open and operate as eDrawings would, all from within a web browser, certainly makes eDrawings Professional 2019 a far greater productive tool.

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