SOLIDWORKS 2019 – Trim Enhancement #SOLIDWORKS 2019

SOLIDWORKS 2019 sees the introduction of enhancements to the Trim Entities tool.  The Trim Entities tool hasn’t seen additional functionality since SOLIDWORKS 2005 with the introduction of power trim and a few additional corner trim treatments.

Power trim is my default selection when needing to Trim sketches.  The negative when using this tool is that, it will not only trim the sketch, but will remove relations within the sketch.  The removal of those relations can results in a Fully Defined sketch becoming under defined.

Taking the sketch back, so it is once more, fully defined would normally require the creations of additional relations and dimension. This is additional work that I’m sure we can all do without.

SOLIDWORKS 2019 sees an enhancement to the Trim Entities tool.  Adding a couple of options to select.  The most productive of these is the “Keep trimmed entities as construction geometry”.  Which I now have selected as the default.

With this selected, the sketch entities that are “crossed” become trimmed and are converted to constructions entities.  This allows for the relations to be retained and for the sketch to remains fully defined.   This will prevent much additional works.

The follow video shows use of the “Keep trimmed entities as construction geometry” within the Trim Entities tool.  Along with a little tip when using the Trim Entities tool

I believe this enhancement to be one of the most productive with the SOLIDWORKS 2019 release.

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