It is rare that I would do an update install when moving to the latest version of SOLIDWORKS.  I would normally do, a clean install.  Especially these days, as it is a much easier process, with options in the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager.  As I don’t require multiple versions installed, I like a clean install to clear out old files that take up space and minimise the chance of issues!  Which is why it is rare that I didn’t do a clean install of SOLIDWORKS 2019.   Going against everything I believe in, I used time as an excuse.  Taking shortcuts will always come back to bite you and again it proved to do so.  Even if, as in this case, it was reasonably minor.

So I go to add a dimension to a sketch circle the other day and instead of seeing the diameter symbol – ∅ I get <MOD-DIAM> instead!

The issue is that SOLIDWORKS can’t find the reference file.  The resolution to the issue is straight forward.  You simply need to have SOLIDWORKS point to the right file.  System  Options>File Locations>Show Folders for: and scroll down to the Symbol Library File

Immediately you can see that it is still looking for SOLIDWORKS 2018.  It is a simple matter of selecting and deleting the file location.

Then adding the correct location.  You don’t need to point directly to the correct file only the correct folder.   For your information the required file is gtol.sym.  The location is Local Drive (C)>ProgramData>SOLIDWORKS>SOLIDWORKS 2019>lang>english

With that set, I once more have a correct, in this case – diameter ∅ symbol displaying.

One response to “MOD-DIAM – Who stole my Symbols – SOLIDWORKS #SOLIDWORKS”

  1. I solved this issue by opening the folder lang\english, found out the file was called ‘gtol97.sym’ instead of ‘gtol.sym’ and I renamed it as ‘gtol.sym’. Job done

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