Windows Update – Don’t let it upset your SOLIDWORKS #SOLIDWORKS

Microsoft has recently released it’s latest Update for Windows 10.  Whilst that is normally a good thing, it is not always so.

Microsoft has been pushing out new Drivers for Graphic Cards with many of it’s Updates. Whilst I’ve never been greatly effected by it SOLIDWORKS 2018 & NVIDIA Quadro Cards partially appears not to like many of these newer drivers.  Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS has always had tested and certified drivers , to download for approved Graphics Cards, used with SOLIDWORKS.  These are not always the latest drivers.

This latest round of Updates look to have included new graphics drivers and the SOLIDWORKS Forum has a few discussions in regards to issues related to these drivers.

There is a reasonable simple solution to prevent Windows Updates automatically installing these latest drivers and overwriting the certified driver that you have installed.

This can be set via the Edit Group Policy setting.   There are a few ways to get into the Group Policy setting. Either via the Run Command and enter gpedit.msc  These days it is simplest to select the Windows Icon (lower left hand corner) and start typing “group policy”  Once you see the Edit Group Policy then select.   This will open the Local Computer Policy Editor.  Select Administrative Templates>Windows Components

Then Scroll down to Windows Update

Double click (Left Mouse Button) on Windows Update opens a range of policies that can be configured to be enabled or disabled

Scroll down until you find “Do not include Drivers with Windows Updates”

Double click (Left Mouse Button) on “Do not include Drivers with Windows Updates” opens a dialogue box which allows this policy to be enabled or disabled

Once selected you can see the status that has been set. Whilst this will prevent updating of all device drivers it looks to be the simplest way to stop Windows Updates from installing a non-tested Graphic Driver which may cause issues with SOLIDWORKS.




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