SolidProfessor – Now with SOLIDWORKS CAM & So Much More! #SOLIDWORKS #SolidProfessor

It has been a crazy year so far!  I’ve been in full design & product development mode since the start of the year.  New projects I can’t talk about at this stage but I look forward to being able to release some details. hopefully, towards the end of the year!

If that is not enough to keep me busy, I’m trying to keep on top of SOLIDWORKS 2019 Beta, which must be only about six weeks away before we can start talking about that!   Throw in DraftSight 2019 Beta which I’ve hardly even had a chance to looked at.  Then I have an upcoming  Sydney SOLIDWORKS User Group Meeting , which at least I have fully arranged!  Then there is SOLIDWORKS XDesign which I have some curiosity about but not even game to request access to it, at this stage.

I’m not the only one that has been busy.   The good people at SolidProfessor have had their heads downs over the past few months as well.

A little earlier this year SolidProfessor consolidated the costs of membership.   No longer is there the option of Standard, Professional & Premium membership.  Now it’s one cost, all Libraries, all lesions!   That’s access to over 5,000 lesions! over 21 different programs.   If you are not sure that SolidProfessor is for you, access is available to the first five lesions, free without an account!

To go with the new cost structure comes a shiny new website.  To go with the new website is a new SOLIDWORKS Web Addin.I have a preference for accessing the lesion of SolidProfessor from the SOLIDWORKS Web Addin, with it’s ease of access whilst working within SOLIDWORKS.

Filtering to see what has been added for SOLIDWORKS 2018,  I see there are updated SOLIDWORKS 2018 lesions, covering the Introduction to SOLIDWORKS & the core Essentials courses for Parts, Assemblies and Drawings.

Along with modules on Advanced Parts, SimulationXpress, Weldments and the preparation lesion for taking the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate Exam. (CSWA).   For those already familiar with previous versions of SOLIDWORKS there is also the module SOLIDWORKS 2018 Update Training.  Taking 59minutes there are 26videos, that outline the main enhancements to SOLIDWORKS 2018.

Of particular interest SolidProfessor has now added SOLIDWORKS CAM to the list of courses,  The course consists of 54 videos (2h13mins) and runs through all aspects of the SOLIDWORKS CAM Add in.   Starting with preparation of your designs to be machined utilising a 2.5 Axis Mill.  Covering setting up of the Machine and Stock to match the tools you have available.   Along with creating and customising Features, Operations, and Toolpaths.  A nice addition to SolidProfessor library of lesions for SOLIDWORKS.

To go with the new website, are changes to the SOLIDWORKS Web Addin.  Previously when selecting the video tutorial, from the task Pane it would open a separate window and play the video in Internet Explorer.   The video lesions, now when selected, are embedded in the SolidProfessor SOLIDWORKS Web Addin, in the Task Pane.   One major advantage of that, is that it allows the ability to work though the lesson files (there is a link to download the file just below the video) whilst viewing the lesion.  While the video display is a little small on my HP Spectre  X360 it is perfect whilst working on my DELL UltraSharp 34″ Curved Monitor – U3415W.

For those looking to learn or improve their SOLIDWORKS skills, take a look at the new website and see what SolidProfessor has to offer.   Take advantage of the free lesions, to see if this style of learning is for you.  You will always learn something new whilst viewing a SolidProfessor lesion, I always do!

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