SOLIDWORKS World 2018 – A Couple of Interesting Technical Sessions #SOLIDWORKS #SWW18

It’s New Year Day (well it was when I started to put this post together) and I’m enjoying a quiet morning.  I’m still catching up with things I didn’t get to last year.  Which does sum up the year that I have had.  It was one of those years, crazy busy in most aspects of my life!

I’ve finally a little time to start getting organised for SOLIDWORKS World 2018!  Barely a month away and I’m just starting to put my agenda together for the event.  This morning I’m planning my selection of Technical Training Sessions, which is not a bad way to start the New Year.

As with previous SOLIDWORKS World’s there are four Technical Training Sessions on each of the  Monday & Tuesday and three sessions on the Wednesday.  Each session have around 21-22 dramatically different topics to choose from!  Even if you eliminate 80% of them from each session, it still leaves you around 4 to 5 choices per session.  Out of that you need to narrow that down to …… two!   I like to have a couple  scheduled and it’s always handy to have a spare scheduled just in case!

Whilst it is easy to make a cases to attend most of the Technical Training Sessions I would like to highlight a couple that are a little different and may not be an immediate first choice.

Changing Lives through Innovation and Technology – Christian BaggIcon Wheelchairs

The Session description only tells part of this story.  This session will follow the story of a product built out of necessity as it evolves into something even its inventor could have never dreamed of.  It presents a real-life example of the parallel paths that innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology have taken to ensure Icon Wheelchair’s customers experience the great outdoors.

I was fortunate to meet Christian, in September (2017) at the Launch Event, for the SOLIDWORKS 2018 product.  We were both guests of Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS Corporation, as we were both there to give presentations.   One of the highlights of attending these events, like SOLIDWORKS World, is that it provides the opportunity to meet and talk with people that you normally wouldn’t have the chance too..  The informal situation makes it easy to have quality conversations.  So over a quiet beer, Christian and I had a discussion about his products.  Which lead into some more conversation about manufacturing in general & some specifics about his products. It was an enjoyable evening.

A little insight into Christian and the development of his Icon products is shown in the following video.  Be sure to have the quality set to 1080 and change to full screen to take in the sheer beauty of the Rocky Mountains and the Banff National Park.

The Explore – Icon Wheelchair is a very clever designed and is a beautifully engineered product.  Which I’m sure Christian will go into greater detail of the product, in his presentation.I don’t think you could go wrong by attending the Changing Lives through Innovation and Technology presentation.  It may be recommended for those new to SOLIDWORKS but I think anyone who attends will take something from this session

I was also fortunate to meet Luke Daley at the same event and had the opportunity to hear a short version of his presentation.  Although our conversations were not as in depth, I did get to witness him dress a mannequin!  Which is an entirely other story.

Whilst Icon wheelchairs and Christian’s presentation may have been driven by necessity, Luke’s is all driven by passion!

I Find Your Lake of Costume Disturbing – Luke DaleyJJ Industries UK

Again the Session Description tells only part of the story: This session introduces Cosplay and 3D Printing, leveraging the power of SOLIDWORKS to create awesome costumes & props (including Kylo Ren and a 1:1 Millennium Falcon cockpit). It will discuss finding and aligning image references, and what to look for when preparing parts for 3D printing (FDM/SLA/SLS)

Like most who are driven by passion Luke is a entertaining and charismatic presenter.   It is no surprise, given the subject matter, that he is a member of the 501st Legion.   Whilst this session may focus on the making of the Kylo Ren mask, to further understand Luke’s commitment to this craft is the detail he goes to.    The images below shows the Kylo Ren costume.  The fabric used in that costume is not an off the shelf product.  As Luke couldn’t buy the fabric he wanted, he did what someone who is committed to getting it right does and had it manufactured to his specification!

If you are looking for a couple of presentation that may be a little different from your normal choices, then I would give attending these two session high consideration!

Maybe Christen will again take Luke’s presentation title as a directive and decide once more to present in costume!

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  1. Thanks for pointing out this sessions! I think I will join at least one of them, just to be able to tell an interresting story to my collegues!

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