Looking for SOLIDWORKS Learning Resources? #SOLIDWORKS

Welcome to the New Year and Twenty-Seventeen!

There have been a few things happening, over the past month, in and around the SOLIDWORKS community.  With a busy build up to Christmas and the holiday season it is possible that some of these things may have slipped past your reading.  There are a few items that relate to learning and reference resources for SOLIDWORKS which are worth a look.

swtutsA few weeks back Charles Culp tweeted that he was looking to either close down or move on his SWtuts site.  Charles was well known for both his SOLIDWORKS & computer knowledge, over many years, on the SOLIDWORKS Forum.  His SWtuts site is a user generated site for hosting and linking to SolidWorks presentations, tutorials, and videos.  Many of the presentations on the SWtuts site have their origins from SOLIDWORKS Worlds.

With Charles easing back from the SOLIDWORKS Community over the past few years the presentations, tutorials, and videos are from SOLIDWORKS 2014 (and earlier).   Hopefully Charles can find a new home for SWtuts.  I recommend that you take the opportunity to review the presentations on offer and download what you find helpful, whilst the site is still available.

In contrast to Charles, but possibly due to the fact that his site might close, another prominent and most respected member of the SOLIDWORKS Community has now made a few of his presentation available to download.

psPhil Sluder, founder/ leader of the San Diego SolidWorks User Group as well as being the Western US SWUGN Committee representative and premier presenter at SOLIDWORKS World!  Phil has now made his presentations available via his company, TriAxial Design and Analysis website.   His SOLIDWORKS presentations are available to review & download here

Just before the Christmas period SolidProfessor, the leading provider of CAD training courses, released some updated training for SOLIDWORKS.

solid-introductionWhat was SOLIDWORKS for Beginners has now been updated for 2017 and is now named “Introduction to SOLIDWORKS 2017” The course consists of 57 video lessons and 13 hands-on exercises.  Similarly what was SOLIDWORKS Core Concepts for Parts and Assemblies has received updates for 2017 and is now “SOLIDWORKS Essentials for Parts and Assemblies.” There are 109 video lessons to work through!

For those somewhat more familiar with SOLIDWORKS, SolidProfessor has also released “SOLIDWORKS 2017 Update Training”

solid-updateUpdate Training provides 34 video lessons which cover the major enhancements from the SOLIDWORKS 2017 release.  These videos provide far more detail and show how the new functionally of each of the enhancements are enabled.  More informative and clearer instruction than you would find in the “Whats New”document.

solid-training solid-training-partsFor details on SolidProfessor and all their training courses have a look at their website,   To gauge a better idea on how the content is provided in their videos, have a look at the SolidProfessor – YouTude channel.   They have also recently added 20 videos covering features from SOLIDWORKS 2016.

One major learning resource which is just a month away is SOLIDWORKS World.  Slipped out in just the last couple of days, by DS SOLIDWORKS,  this video may provide the answer on how to approach management and get approval to attend?


2 responses to “Looking for SOLIDWORKS Learning Resources? #SOLIDWORKS”

  1. michellefortony Avatar

    Awesome! Thanks for the shout out 🙂

    Will you be at SWW this year? Would love to meet up and share whats new!

    1. Yes I will! Always look forward to catching up!

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