SOLIDWORKS 2017 – Old Drawings, New Font #SOLIDWORKS #SW17

With every new release of SOLIDWORKS there are always a couple of bonus enhancements that don’t appear in the SOLIDWORKS What’s New Guild.  Whether they’re deem insignificant to warrant “enhancement” status I don’t know.

Either way it’s always nice to discover one!

I delved into a old drawing, one which must have been first setup ten years ago or more.  I assume back in Windows XP days. It said it couldn’t find the font Zurich Ex BT.  Which must of been a standard font back then.  I haven’t seen it with Window 7 and beyond.    Over the years I have seen SOLIDWORKS replace a font automatically.

With SOLIDWORKS 2017  when you open a drawing with a font not on your system it displays a dialogue box.       new-font-openThis provides two options.  The choice of selecting a new font, which will be a permanent replacement when the drawing is saved.  Or SOLIDWORKS 2017 will allow Windows to select a similar matching font on a temporary bases.  This will leave the reference to the original selected font, which will then be used if it is added back into the system


It’s a simple, nice, addition and surely worthy of the title ….. Enhancement!

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