SOLIDWORKS World 2017 – What’s in a Name – Session Selection #SOLIDWORKS #SWW17

SOLIDWORKS World 2017 is less than three months away!  (88days – 0hour – 55mins – 23sec … 22 ….21 ….. at time of writing)  Some might say it is still three month away!  Either way now is the time to start to get organised!

For those still working out how to get your employer to finance the trip,  SOLIDWORKS can help with their latest incarnation of the Justification Letter! Every boss wants to know their ROI, so the “Convince Your Boss to Send You to #SWW17” letter may just help!

Download the SOLIDWORKS World 2017 Justification Letter

For those who have Registered the Agenda (subject to change) has been released!  Which means now is the time to put some consideration into which Technical Sessions to attend!  And that can be more difficult than you had planned.

agendapngThere are four Technical Training Sessions on the Monday & Tuesday and three sessions on the Wednesday.   Each session has 21-22 dramatically different topics to choose from!  Even if you eliminate 80% of them from each session, it still leaves you around 4 to 5 choices per session.   Out of that you need to narrow that down to,  two!  You should always have a spare just in case!  Sometimes sessions are over subscribed, first in gets a seat (apart from “Hands On” Sessions, which have to be booked).  Sometimes the presentations are not for you.  You don’t have to stay!

So how do you narrow it down! Difficult right!  Too many competing presentations!   If in doubt I go for the clever title.  There is nothing like a good play on words to get you in!

If I was going to make my selections purely on the criterion of interesting titles it would go something like this!

First up on the Monday! There is a catchy little title: Let’s See Some IDDavid Mandl.   But Ed Eaton would get me in by using that most technical of term “Curvy Stuff”

1-monday-3d-scanStraight up after lunch I first saw: Sheetmetal Nitty-grittiesMithilesh Kapre, however it is hard to go past The Magnus Effect: Understanding Your Golf Slice Using Motion and Flow – Nicholas Luyster. Anyone who can combine sport & Simulation in a technical presentation gets my attention

2-monday-magnus-effectLater that afternoon and a heading to tugg on the heart strings The Unsung Hero – Laura Weismantel

3-monday-referenceTo finish Day 1 you should really be attending the 18th Annual SOLIDWORKS User Group Network (SWUGN) Meeting.   However if you are not going to attend that then it would be impolite to go past SOLIDWORKS Etiquette – Crystal Yazvac   Good manners are essential when talking SOLIDWORKS!

4-monday-etiquetteWhat better way to start Tuesday morning than Tips and Tricks from The Bacon Brotherhood – John Matrishon &  Edson Gebo I hear there will be free BACON ……. sorry that was free tip & tricks!   Either way it will be entertaining (& educational) with the Brotherhood in the house1-tuesday-baconAfter lunch I don’t see how the romantic in you could pass up on If Cupid Were an Engineer… – Eric Haddad

2-tuesday-cupidI’m in two minds with 60 Modeling Tips in 60 Minutes – Stephen Petrock Big claim, nice title but I’m sure your head will be spinning when it’s all over

3-tuesday-60To finish Day 2 with a great headline They’re Large, but You’re In Charge – Monster Assemblies! – Tracy Phillips

4-tuesday-largeWednesday morning is the morning for catchy titles.   Casey Gorman went all medical with Triage; Sorting Out the Trauma of MBD.  But really you can’t go past a Star Wars reference: Master Modeling for Padawans – Daniel Herzberg.  Despite his claims to the contrariety, I’ll be extremely disappointed if Dan does not present in full Jedi robes (with accompanying Lightsaber!)

 1-wed-padawansTough choice first up after lunch! You wouldn’t think you could get better than SOLIDWORKS Redneck Workarounds – Creative solutions to everyday problems – Josh Altergott –  Adrian Fanjoy.  But I do like Interface in Your Face – Alin Vargatu (Hands-On).  Although I do believe it should have been written .. Interface …. IN YOUR FACE!

 2-wed-interfaceAnd to round out the day and the event, it has to be Old School Meets New School – Beginners Guide To Weldments – Traves Cone.  Although Travis does lose points (and is showing his age) by using the correct spelling & not the technically incorrect  “New Skool” 

3-wed-oldWell that’s just one way to select Technical Sessions at SOLIDWORKS World 2017.   Looking back over them …. you could do worse.

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