SOLIDWORKS wants to give you FREE ENTRY (& bragging rights) – SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2017 #SOLIDWORKS #SWW17

With the launch of SOLIDWORKS 2017 out of the way all attention now turns to SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2017 – Los Angeles, CA – February 5th – 8th 2017

And SOLIDWORKS would like to send someone there for ……wait for it ……. FREE!

Well at least the opportunity to WIN a complimentary full conference pass for SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2017!

SOLIDWORKS wants you …. yes you, to Design a T-Shirt and not just any T-Shirt but the Front of this year’s SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2017 T-shirt


There are of course Rules!  There are always Rules and conditions to your entry.  But the rewards are great!  The chance to win one of three (3) complimentary full conference pass for SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2017.     Then, more importantly,  there is bragging rights and that sweet smell of VICTORY!

Anyway, head across to the T-Shirt Design Contest site and check out a few of the entries

Think YOU can do better! Submit an entry by the 21st October 2017 …..  Time is running out

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