SolidProfessor – Now with MUCH More #SolidProfessor

I’ve been fortunate to have access to SolidProfessor for the past eighteen months.   As well as being a wonderful learning tool, it’s ready access from the SOLIDWORKS Task pane makes it an ideal quick reference tool.

It is also proving to be particularly useful as a evaluation resource.   We have recently been discussing the merit of SOLIDWORKS Composer, to see if it is a tool that we should be considering,   By running though a few of the SolidProfessor, Composer lesson we have been able to gain a better insight into the product!

So in the same vein, what if you were looking to expand with a new CAM package (that’s going to need to be learned). Or changed jobs that required skills in a different CAD program!

Those hypothetical questions NOW no longer need to be considered!  

Your SolidProfessor membership has now been expanded to include lessons for all of the SolidProfessor courses! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ALL of the Library (within your level of membership – Standard, Professional & Premium) at no additional cost!

That’s quite the offer! All of these courses!

Now ALLAccess to all of the lesson are available via SolidProfessor website or within SOLIDWORKS, via the SolidProfessor Task Pane Add In,


Via Task


For more information on SolidProfessor have a look at the available courses.   Take advantage of being able to view the first five videos in each of the courses and test their suitability for your own purpose.

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  1. […] closely from last month’s announcement that SolidProfessor memberships had been expanded to include all lessons from the complete range of […]

  2. […] of available courses, that SolidProfessor provide.   When they first made access available to all of their courses in July of last year (2016) there were thirteen (13) different courses available.  Now, just nine […]

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