How to Steal a Toolbox Part and Make it Your Own! #SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS User Group meetings are always a good source of information.   (To find more out information & your closest User Group go to SWUGN)    I never fail to come away without learning something new.   As was the case the other night.   A simple question was raised!   “How do I take a SOLIDWORKS Toolbox part and break the references to it being a Toolbox part?”  I’m a simple user of Toolbox.  I mainly use just for inserting fasteners, self clinching nuts, bolts and the like, so I had no answer!   But there is always someone at the meeting (or a collective group) who does know the answer and it goes like this!

If you drag and drop the Toolbox part into a Assembly, it shows with a “Toolbox” Icon in the FeatureManager Design Tree.  The Toolbox part can be opened and “Save As” (to your own file location).  Even with “Save As” it still has references as a Toolbox part

ToolBox Part - ShownSOLIDWORKS does provides an application to allow the part  to be toggled between being a Toolbox part and just a SOLIDWORKS part.   The utility is slightly hidden but can be found in – C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Corp\SOLIDWORKS\Toolbox\data utilities.  The application is – sldsetdocprop.exe Set Document PropRun the application (double click on sldsetdocprop.exe ) and the Set Document Property dialogue box opens.   If you Select Set Property:Yes then Add File (navigate to where the part was Saved).  Then Select Show Selected Property. It will display the part property as a Toolbox part – (IsToolboxPart = Standard)

Tool Box PartChange the Selection to Select Set Property:No, then select Update Status.   Then Select Show Selected Property.   It will now display the part property as a part – (IsToolboxPart = No) Tool Box Part NoTo check that is is now just a Part. Insert the part into an Assembly.    It now will show as a part (& display a Part Icon).PartAs simple as that!

4 responses to “How to Steal a Toolbox Part and Make it Your Own! #SOLIDWORKS”

  1. If toolbox is in PDM Professional we can use the same procedure?

    1. Nucu,
      I don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t. As you save the part as a new part to a new file location. Once you unlink it from the toolbox it becomes like any other part

  2. BTW, sldsetdocprop is buggy when using with 2016.

    1. I can’t say I have seen that!
      It’s a simple task. What happens when you are using?

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