SolidProfessor – Now with SOLIDWORKS Electrical #SolidProfessor #SOLIDWORKS

New - LayoutIt’s been one of those years!

I feel like I’ve been playing catch up for most of this year!  Work projects have been two or three months behind schedule from the start and as we all know, once you are behind it’s difficult to get back on top of things!

The same can be said for my own personal training with SolidProfessor.  There are only so many hours to a day and much of my “spare time” over the past few months have been taken up getting some “miles in my legs” in preparation for hiking the Milford Track and touring in the Fiordland National Park – New Zealand.  A truly magnificent part of the world and a worthy excuse to step away from my computer and day to day working life in general.

With enough of that relaxation …….it’s back to some work!

With the recent release of SOLIDWORKS 2016, SolidProfessor now provides “Updated Training” for SOLIDWORKS 2016.   There are 38 videos which cover many of the new features from the core elements (Sketching, Parts & Features, Assemblies and Drawing) of the SOLIDWORKS 2016 release.   Like all of SolidProfessor training, the “updated training” takes a comprehensive look and provides detailed step by step instructions on the use of those new features from SOLIDWORKS 2016

SW2016It was while I was away (at the start of November) on the Milford Track that SolidProfessor released training for SOLIDWORKS Electrical – 2D Schematic .  That segue was just an excuse to get side tracked, view and drop in a few images from the trip.  (For those needing a bit more distraction, more of my images can be found here)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt this stage the SolidProfessor course concentrates on the 2D Schematic side of SOLIDWORKS Electrical.  There are 42 videos that start with the user interface and how projects and the various drawing types work.  It then moves into the specifics of developing detailing designs with things like symbols, wires and cables, Programmable Logic Controllers and terminals.Courses - ElectricalSF Electrical IntroductionIt shows how to take advantage of the power of associating manufacturer component data to items, generating reports, and bills of materials. To finish it shows how to set up custom templates, macros, and add and customise manufacturer parts and cables in the library. WireI would think this might just be the start for SolidProfessor in regards to providing training for SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

For those interested, have a look at the SolidProfessor site for your training requirements.

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