Following on from my First Glance at SOLIDWORKS 2016, it’s time to have a closer look at a few more features from the core components of SOLIDWORKS 2016 release.

The Swept/ Swept Cut feature has seen some additional features added.  A long time requested enhancement has been the ability to Sweep Bi-directionally along a path.     This has how been added in SOLIDWORKS 2016.   As well as Bi-direction there is also the option of selecting a Sweep direction from a centred selected sketch.   Once a profile and path has been selected the Directional icons are activated and appear giving the choice of either direction or bi-direction.

Bi-DirectionalAn interesting feature that has also been added to Swept/ Swept Cut is the ability to Circular Cut or add a Solid Rod with the section of only a  Path, without the need to sketch the circular profile.   After the Path section it is then just a matter of setting a diameter.

7-Circular Profile - Cut Circular ProfileAs someone who regularly starts an Assembly with an existing Assembly, then proceed to change parts, make configuration, suppress other and by the time I finish, you end up with numerous suppressed Mates and Parts!    You are then left to find and delete or ignore and leave those unused features.  This is now a one set process with SOLIDWORKS 2016 introducing the Purge Unused Feature.  Right Mouse Button the file name in the Feature Tree and locate the Purge Unused Feature.     This feature is also available to use within Parts.Purge Unused8-Purge PartsWhether it be a spelling error or an incorrect name component, now many times have you needed to rename a part.   Now in SOLIDWORKS 2016 the ability to Rename a Components in the Feature Tree has been added.  The part need to be Resolved.   You should be able to Right Mouse Button the part and select Re-name but I don’t see that Option.  Left Mouse Button select and F2 allows the renaming of the Part.  It updates the parts , in memory and in opened documents.  Saving the document allows the Updating in all documents where the Part is Referenced.RenameRename - SaveOne of the simpler enhancement added to Mates is the Option of Making Components Transparent for Mate. With this option set in Mates the first Part selected becomes Transparent allowing the ability to select through the first component. This option is available for all mates that only require one selection of the first part.9-First Selection TransparentCreating copies of parts, in an Assembly and adding them to that Assembly has always been as easy.   It was as simple as selecting the Part from the Feature Tree & Ctrl dragging them into the Assemblies.   Now you can Copy Multiple Components and retain the mates between those components.  Select the required components with Ctrl & select each component.  Then Ctrl and Drag to insert the new components into the Assembly.  If they have existing Mates between the components then these will be retained.10-Copy Multiple with MatesI thought the Making Components Transparent for Mate might have been the best enhancements for Mates in SOLIDWORKS 2016.  However the Component Preview Window might just top that!  Left Mouse Button selection of the Part in the Feature opens the in context toolbar where you can select the Component Preview Window Icon.Comoponent Preview SelectThis then opens the Part in a Preview Window.  You can rotate and Zoom the part in the Preview Window.  But here is the real trick.  You can commence to mate the part in the Preview Window and then select the other component in the Graphic Area.   This is a great new feature especially with the use of small components in Large AssembliesComoponent Preview MateThese are just a few of the standout enhancements within the area of Assemblies from SOLIDWORKS 2016.  Looking forward to delving into some more soon



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