A few Months Living with SolidProfessor (along with a Bonus Offer) #solidprofessor #solidworks

Task PaneI have had access to SolidProfessor for a few months now and when I wrote my introduction post to SolidProfessor (have a quick read and I’ll wait right here ….. all done)  I concluded with a statement “I now need to devise a plan of attack on what I want to achieve.   Then ensure that I set aside a period of time and at this stage I’m thinking daily, so I can get the best out of the SolidProfessor”

What I was thinking and what has turned out to be reality unfortunately may have been two entirely different things!  Whilst not wanting to make excuses (although it looks like I’m just about to) I have been a little busy chasing deadlines for the past few months trying to complete our updated range of vehicles!  …….   (and possibly I’m a touch ill disciplined with my learning schedule ………… alright more than a touch)Torino2It’s not that I haven’t been using SolidProfessor to the contrary it has been extremely helpful!  I have run through a few of the Course modules, one of those being Weldments.  I have to confess that I have used Weldments very sparingly (and maybe not all that correctly) over all these the years and I now intend to correct that!    However with only one view (and a couple of extra view on a feature or two) of the SolidProfessor Weldments subjects and a few models later and I’m ready to present Weldment 1.01 at the next Sydney SOLIDWORKS User Group (but more on that in another post I think!)  However where I have been mostly using SolidProfessor and one which didn’t spring immediately to mind when I first started with it, is that it has become my default Help file.

Help File

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense.   There you have access to the topics directly via the Task Pane.   It’s simple to Search or scroll through to a  feature that you need assistance with.    It might just be that you need a reminder on a Option in a feature or you are trying to use a feature for the first time.  With the video appearing in a pop up screen (whilst you are still working away in SOLIDWORKS) you can view the required feature and have it explained and presented all within three or four minutes.  It is then a simple task for you to apply that learnt information directly into what you are currently working on.   It’s way better than your co-worker (if you have one) leaning across the table and leading you astray and far simpler than having to search through and read the explanations in the SOLIDWORKS Help files.  It’s an unexpected bonus on how I was anticipating the use of SolidProfessor!

Speaking of bonuses another with SolidProfessor is when you have an account you receive email invitations to their regular Webinars.  It’s not something that they advertise or promote on their website currently.  Although I understand that, may change soon.   If you are interested in seeing what SolidProfessor Webinars have to offer, they have an open invitation to the next SOLIDWORKS webinar on the subject of Design Automation

Rebekah Haag – Training Specialist at SOLIDWORKS – hosts a 25 minute webinar on SOLIDWORKS Design Automation

Two dates: May 12th 9am PST and May 19th 10am PST

Description: In this workshop, you will learn how to make the design process easier. First, learn how to save annotations to the library and combine notes to build custom note blocks. Next, users will learn how to manage library references using pack and go, save as, and toolbox components.

To register for the event select the following link  http://bit.ly/1E2SXNN

I wont conclude with any outlandish statements or time schedules of study this time!  Except to say that I do promise to learn something new in SOLIDWORKS with some help from SolidProfessor

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