SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015 – General Session Day 3 – Photo Journal – Part 3 – SOLIDWORKS 2016 #sww15 #solidworks

continuing on from SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015 – General Session Day 3 – Photo Journal – Part 2 #sww15 #solidworks

A preview of what we might see in SOLIDWORKS 2016 presented as only the SOLIDWORKS team can.  This year in the style of David Attenborough

We cut to the opening scene:IMG_9915 IMG_9917 The shy and elusive “Accounts”

IMG_9918In the home of the “Designer” – a grazer and food forager  IMG_9921“They gather in numbers for safety at the waterhole”IMG_9922“Dominated by the Alfa Leader”IMG_9923” Isolated and under attack by the top predator”

IMG_9925SOLIDWORKS 2016 EnhancementsIMG_9934Hide Show Main PlanesIMG_9928Select Sketch Mid Point without Right Mouse ButtonIMG_9931Sketch Context Toolbar stays availableIMG_9929Plane for Pattern DirectionIMG_9932IMG_9933SOLIDWORKS 2016 EnhancementsIMG_9943Degree Style Spline IMG_9936IMG_9938IMG_9939IMG_9940“Nice zzzzzzb-ra” ………. “That’s Zebra” IMG_9942SOLIDWORKS 2016 EnhancementsIMG_9949 Cz Edge BlendIMG_9944 IMG_9945 IMG_9946 IMG_9947 IMG_9948SOLIDWORKS 2016 EnhancementsIMG_9955Sweep Bi-DirectionalIMG_9950 IMG_9951Hide Show Bodies on Tab KeyIMG_9952 IMG_9953 IMG_9954Catching me a ” Young Designer” for the sake of the future of the herd!IMG_9958 IMG_9959IMG_9960SOLIDWORKS 2016 EnhancementsIMG_9968Assembly Mate ControllerIMG_9963 IMG_9964IMG_9966IMG_9967SOLIDWORKS 2016 EnhancementsIMG_9975Simulation – Mesh SectioningIMG_9969 IMG_9971IMG_9972Simulation – Release Prescribed DisplacementIMG_9973 IMG_9974SOLIDWORKS 2016 EnhancementsIMG_9979Flatten Surface EnhancementsIMG_9976IMG_9977IMG_9978SOLIDWORKS 2016 EnhancementsIMG_9990SOLIDWORKS PDM StandardIMG_9981 IMG_9982Copy and Paste Mate Support IMG_9984IMG_9985 IMG_9986Copy and Paste with Mate EnhancementIMG_9987Change Toolbox Fastener TypeIMG_9988 Catching a “Designer”IMG_9992“Some slight sedation required”IMG_9994IMG_9998SOLIDWORKS 2016 EnhancementsIMG_0005Direct Scale ChangeIMG_0001IMG_0002Nested Balloon SortingIMG_0004SOLIDWORKS 2016 EnhancementsIMG_0014MDB )Model Based Definition) IMG_0007IMG_0009IMG_0008Tabbed Documents – eDrawings IMG_0011 IMG_0012SOLIDWORKS 2016 EnhancementsIMG_0023PhotoView 360 – Scene Illumination Proof SheetIMG_0015 IMG_0017 IMG_0019 IMG_0021SOLIDWORKS 2016 EnhancementsIMG_0032Modern Looks(?)IMG_0024 IMG_0025Scale with Operation SystemIMG_0030 IMG_0028Child Feature ReferenceIMG_0031BreadcrumbsIMG_0027Returning the “Young Designer” back to the herdIMG_0033The “Young Designer”with his new methods now controls the herdIMG_0038 IMG_0040and as the show comes to a close we say Goodbye to SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015 in Phoenix – ArizonaIMG_0052 IMG_0053 and look forward to SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2016 in …………………………. DALLAS – Texas – January 31st – February 3rd 2016IMG_0055



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