SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015 – General Session Day 3 – Photo Journal – Part 1 #sww15 #solidworks

SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015 – General Session Day 3 – Part 1

IMG_9813Gian Paolo Bassi opens the shows and reviews the Special Event – Corona Ranch.  Gives everyone a chance to complete their SOLIDWORKS World Bingo Card ………. BINGO!IMG_0048 IMG_0051 IMG_0049Although he receives a bad review from his children on his riding style “Daddy the horse doesn’t look very happy”IMG_9817We’ll be right back after a brief word from our sponsor – LENOVOIMG_9820 Gian Paolo introduces Jinsop Lee – Industrial Designer – CGO – Linno  IMG_9821IMG_9841Jinsop provides some background of his childhood being raised in five different countriesIMG_9825 IMG_9827 IMG_9828and runs through his eduction and early academic careerIMG_9829IMG_9832 IMG_9831Before introducing his “Little Theory”of the “Five Sensors”IMG_9822 IMG_9834Jinsop provides some detail and examples of the 5 Sensors Graph IMG_9835 IMG_9836 IMG_9837 IMG_9838IMG_9843Jinsop talks about his inspiration, childhood model building and design. Manages to pull off a MacGyver reference IMG_9845 IMG_9846 IMG_9847Eyal Dadush – Marketing & Sales Manager – Systematics Limited – Israel  Enters the stage to talk about one of their customers – Sefi UdiIMG_9852Sefi Udi because a quadriplegic after a serve car accident his story is inspirational.IMG_9854 IMG_9856 IMG_9858Sefi controlling Solidworks via a mouth piece and tongue selection has allowed him to design products to assist and improve his lifeIMG_9859IMG_9863IMG_9865IMG_9866IMG_9868Day 3 – to be continued after the commercial break – INTEL IMG_9869 IMG_9870


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