SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015 – The lead in, #sww15 #solidworks

After a couple of days I’ve now started to settle into Phoenix!

A delayed arrival caused by someone activating the Oxygen system added five extra hours onto an already 24hour trip!   With the requirements to repack the oxygen masks and test the system.  However there was a bonus to the delay with the people from a connecting flight being placed onto other flights.   I found myself with a section of the economy cabin almost to myself which allowed all in this section to stretch out over three seat (and almost) get a good nights sleep!

IMG_6910Although on landing they do appear that they need to do some work on there repacking abilities! IMG_6911Saturday I managed to get up to the Grand Canyon! With limited time available I did it the easy way.  With a Grand Canyon West Rim Adventure.  A flight up in a Cessna 208 Caravan, a helicopter flight to the bottom of the Canyon, a small trip on the Colorado River, then back up on the helicopter!  It’s certain a big hole in the ground that is well worth seeing.  I need to come back and spend way more time than just the few hours I had!

IMG_6958IMG_6940IMG_9254Sunday morning and Phoenix turns on a glorious sunny winters day.   IMG_9302The Hyatt Regency where I am staying is just across the road from the Phoenix Convention CenterIMG_9296Registered, Tee shirted and the new styled combined Satchel bag/ backpack.Copy of IMG_6962However I do have some concerns and SOLIDWORKS may live to regret the friendly advice on the back of this years new styled badge!  Run (don’t walk) to daily General Sessions may get slight misinterpreted by many (all).  It may make the Running of the Bulls at Pamplona look like a picnic.  IMG_6961With the afternoon in Phoenix getting even better I ventured out and took in a few of the sights of Downtown.IMG_6964


IMG_9322Wandered across to Chase Field with the hope of being able to get a look around.IMG_9309With the gates and doors firmly locked the best I could get was a view though the the glass doors!IMG_9308Wandered back up and around the Convention Center and up to the Arizona Center.  Some interesting artworks!





IMG_9328That’s just the lead up to tomorrow where the real action commences.  As always I’m looking forward to the first of the General Sessions! Let the games begin!


3 responses to “SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015 – The lead in, #sww15 #solidworks”

  1. Awesome, really excited to see what soldworks has in store for everyone.

  2. Awsome can’t wait to see what solidworks has in store for everyone.

  3. […] Normally that just means getting out early and pounding the streets to take in the city sights.  SOLIDWORKS World 2015 – Phoenix was way to close to the Grand Canyon not to take in this natural […]

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