SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2015 – What’s Known, some Speculation & a few other Plans #SOLIDWORKS #SWW15

There are just a few weeks until the start of SOLIDWORKS World 2015 and over the past week there has been a flood of information coming out about the event.

We first had the announcement in regards to the keynote speakers for the General Sessions.  Whilst I’m sure there may be an additional guest or two, the main keynotes speakers and the days that they are to appear were announced.

Monday, February 9th – The Next Industrial Revolution: Pushing 3D Printing into New Frontiers

Chief Innovation Officer, Bold Machines
Former CEO, MakerBot Industries

Tuesday, February 10th – How Technology Will Change Our Lives

Dr. Michio Kaku DR. MICHIO KAKU
Theoretical Physicist, Author & Professor

Wednesday February 11th – Designing for the Five Senses

Industrial Designer
Chief Globalization Officer, Linno

They appear to be three very different but compelling speakers which are covering a diverse range of subjects.   I’m certainly looking forward to seeing and hearing from both Bre Pettis and Dr Michio Kaku.   Both are internationally renown personalities.   I have great interest in seeing Dr Michio Kaku.   I had planned to catch him when he came to Sydney mid last year however a clash of dates unfortunately prevented that.   So it is most fortunate that I now have this opportunity.  Although I was not aware of Jinsop Lee I do have an affinity for anyone who uses the philosophy of – “You don’t have to follow the instructions that come with the box”

In just the past day or so we have also had the venue of Tuesday’s Special Event announced as Corona RanchArizona’s only private Mexican and Western Rodeo Venue!

Corona_005(image from Bobby McFall Blogspot)

When I first saw that announcement memories (which may be slightly hazy memories) of SOLIDWORKS World 2011 and the Special Event held at Cowboys Dancehall came flooding back.  SOLIDWORKS World 2011 just so happened to be my first SOLIDWORKS World and at the time I thought it might be my only one!  With that thought in mind, I may have taken in as much “experience” as I could!   I’m sure, as with many of the previous Special Events  this will an interesting and very entertaining night!

Possibly the most interesting announcement and one which I’m sure we will see and hear more about in Phoenix relates to the announcement of a new CEO at Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS.  With Gian Paolo Bassi taking over from Bertrand Sicot.   It was in the General Session at SOLIDWORKS World 2011that we saw Bertrand announced as CEO taking over from Jeff Ray.   I’ve been fortunate over the past few years at those subsequent SOLIDWORKS Worlds to not only witness Bertrand’s “on stage” personality and presence in the General Session but to also enjoy a more social conversation with him over a quiet beer.

Although not directly related to SOLIDWORKS World Vajrang Parvate who was Director of Product Development tweeted the other day that after 18years he was leaving DS SOLIDWORKS.  I’ve enjoyed catching up with Vajrang over the past couple of SOLIDWORKS World.  He has always been extremely helpful, a source  of good information and has provided a great deal of assistance to a few of my posts over this past year.  My discussion with him for the  SOLIDWORKS 2015 – The How & Why of Reduced File Sizes post is one of my most viewed posts.

With Bertrand moving to his new role in the Dassault Systemes machine and Vajrang leaving SOLIDWORKS, both after 18years, SOLIDWORK World 2015 I’m sure will have a slightly different feel to it.

It will be interesting to see what Gian Paolo Bassi brings to both his new role as CEO but also to this SOLIDWORLK World.

One thing that I sure you can bank on hearing and seeing much more about, at this World, is the next installment in the Dassault Systemes stable.  SOLIDWORKS Industrial Conceptual!  I think it is a safe bet that will get to see a fairly in depth presentation in one of the General Session on SOLIDWORKS Industrial Conceptual.   For those looking for greater information on the product there is also four (4) Breakout sessions on the subject.

Wednesday General Session is always greatly anticipated as it normally provides the first impressions of what we may see with the next SOLIDWORKS release.   There has been a few rumors floating around since early last year to some changes that’s we may or may not see.   It will be interesting as always to see what is shown!    Most interesting will be to see if there is any effect, from the rewritten code for SOLIDWORKS 2015, that may have on the release of new features for SOLIDWORKS 2016.  We can all guess on what may happen but with a little patience all be revealed!

Although time is always at a premium when attending SOLIDWORKS World I do have a couple of tentative plans in place to see a little of Phoenix and Arizona.  The closeness of the Grand Canyon is too much temptation to past up.  With not a lot of time available I have a plan in place to take a tour (depending on numbers) on the Saturday (February 7th)  A flight up to the Grand Canyon, a helicopter flight through and down to the Canyon floor and possibly some rafting on the Colorado River.    However I did see images the other week, the result of the cold front dumping much snow in the Canyon.  One part of me is slightly fascinated by the possibility of snow!  The other part of me that is enjoying the Australian sunshine and summer, not so much!

150102-grand-canyon-snow_ca5b9fd7f8266e5a974c8ecf20d230aa (image from NBC News)

I’m also planning on packing my Asolo Zion WP boots with the hope of a post SOLIDWORKS World early morning (Thursday 12th) hike on the Echo Canyon Trail of Camelback Mountain   I understand that the view of the Phoenix cityscape makes it worth the challenge of getting to the top.

CamelBack(image from Wild Tales of)

So all of the above is just a small taste of the adventure that is soon to be SOLIDWORK WORLD 2015.   As always I’m looking forward to catching up with friend and leaving with many more.  Hoping to see as many  of you as I can in Phoenix.

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