Welcome to the New Year – Enhanced Angle Dimension – SOLIDWORKS 2015 #SOLIDWORKS

See what happens when you are not paying attention!  You all of a sudden find yourself in a New Year!

Welcome to Twenty – Fifteen

This holiday period has been quite different for me.  Normally this time of year you would find me sitting on a beach posting images like this. (South West Rocks – Mid North Coast NSW)SWRHowever due to a number of different and varying circumstances I find myself instead working though out this time of year.  Which must be said was not a bad thing!  It has given me the change to work on and catch up on a  few updates for our 2015 range of vehicles.

Jabiru 4 - 2015It was whilst I was working on a few new parts that I have the opportunity to have a look at and use a simple but really nice enhancement to Dimensions in SOLIDWORKS 2015 – Enhanced Capabilities of Angle Dimensions.

When using Smart Dimensions first select the line.  Select LineThen if a collinear Vertex is selected a cross-hair will be displayed on the vertex.Select VertexBy then selecting one of the arms of the cross-hair.Select CrosshairThe preview dimension is then created between the line and the imaginary (in this case) vertical line. The dimension can then be set and accepted. Dimension CreatedIt might just be a minor enhancement but it continues the theme of improved functionality of many of the tools in SOLIDWORKS 2015.

With that it’s time to get a little more work done!Reshaped - Front


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