SolidWorks World 2014 – General Session Day 3 – Photo Journal – Part 3 #sww14 #solidworks

SolidWorks 2015 – Teasers 117SolidWorks 2015 – about to channel 1960’s Television!120

121This is a job for CADMAN (and Ribbon)128SolidWorks Essential and SolidWorks for Dummies for Ribbon123starring: ……132CADMAN to the rescue133“Ribbon you have changed your User Definition!” (you need to see the video – look image 3 above)134Lets see …. if we can ….. fix this …. assemble136Lets see if the CADman Grapple Gun Assembly will help137Split Surface138Asymmetric Fillets140Convert Feature to Body Pattern143Rectangle Creation Options (Area Render)144

145Convert to Style Spline146Convert to Style Spline147Convert to Style Spline148Rectangle Creation Options149Line from Midpoint, Segment Line Equally, Vertex Adjacent Restraint150Captured …… Death BY PowerPoint 153Cut List Folder Description155Weldment Costing156Escape via the Ducting – Kick out the Clips157Live Simulation Results158Square Duct Routing (HVAC)160

161SolidWorks 2015 More to follow

General Session – Day 3 to be continued

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