SolidWorks World 2014 – General Session Day 2 – Photo Journal – Part 3 #sww14 #solidworks

Bertrand Sicot knows how to make an entrance!
136Bertrand enters the stage via the “Night Train”137Bertrand introduces Geoff Bodine and Bob Cuneo – Bo-Dyn Bobsled – Designer Manufacturer – USA World Cup winning 4 man Bobsled140Geoff talks NASCAR and compares/ relates then to Bobsleds “both hit walls occasionally” 142Talking why and how the project came about (and why Bob said Geoff ruined his life – said almost with a smile!)144Bobsleds like NASCAR too many rules (or is it how you interpret them!) 146Wind Tunnel testing148Aerodynamics were everything, reduce drag, races are won by hundreds of a second149Talking athletes – World Cup winning – 4 man Bobsled – Night Train 2 – Steven Holcomb (Park City, Utah) Tomasevicz (Shelby, Neb.), Steve Langton (Melrose, Mass.) and Chris Fogt (Alpine, Utah). Number 1 contenders for Gold at Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics 151Aaron Kelly returns to the stage.  Requests audience assistance with Twitter pictiure153Aaron photographing the crowd and thus ending the General Session for Day 2156

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  1. […] their wonderful Iris running and on display  The Bo-Dyn Bobsled Night Train made is way from the main stage back into the Partner […]

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