SolidWorks World 2014 – General Session Day 2 – Photo Journal – Part 2 #sww14 #solidworks

Arron talks Beta Testing
09317,000 registered SolidWorks 2014 Beta users.  Those who made the biggest contribution 094Aaron introduces Richard Doyle – Senior User Advocacy & SolidWorks User Group to talk SWUGN – SolidWorks User Group Network097SolidWorks User Groups ….. It’s all about the people0992013 User Group of the Year – San Diego SolidWorks User Group – Phil Sluder and Jim Boland1012013 Group Leader of the Year Award – Jeff Holliday105Michelle Pillers Community Award – Deepak Gupta107Aaron introduces Gian Paola Bassi – VP Research & Development108Gian Paola introduces Greg Mark – MARKFORGED The world first Carbon Fiibre 3D Printer110 Gian Paola introduces Greg Mark111MARKFORGED The world first Carbon Fiibre 3D Printer113MARKFORGED The world first Carbon Fiibre 3D Printer116Gian Paola with Nylon Greg Mark with Carbon117Gian Paola and Greg talk strength122Greg’s other project, adjustable Carbon Fibre Rear Wing124Gian Paola and Greg talk the development process126Aaron rejoins the stage128We’ll be right back after this message from our sponsor – intel131

General Session Day 2 to be continued

One response to “SolidWorks World 2014 – General Session Day 2 – Photo Journal – Part 2 #sww14 #solidworks”

  1. […] may have been beaten to that by a small start up with a very different printer.Mark Forged made an appearance on the main stage Day 2 of the General Session with it “Worlds First Carbon Fibre 3D Printer”It’s […]

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