SolidWorks World 2014 – General Session Day 2 – Photo Journal – Part 1 #sww14 #solidworks

Day 2 – General Session is about Customers and the SolidWorks Community.  Before the Session started Phil Sluder kept the crowded entertained with the Zyclone (I believe MkII)  new Moonshot

046Light, colour and sound to start the day041Great art and graphics052Aaron Kelly takes the stage to start the days General Session057and a little technical hitch! “Hello can you hear me?”  …….”No!” 058Aaron recaps yesterdays General Session via Twitter061Aaron making a commitment to tweet, twitter more!062Aaron introduces – Suchit Jain – VP – Stratgy and User Advocacy063Suchit introduces Jonathan Tippett – eatART 067eatART Foundation – There is no ART without energy 069Jonathan talks the establishment of eatART070The marriage when two mega machines meet!072Titanoboa073Mondo Spider040Mondo Spider Detail041The building of Mondo Spider078Black Ghost Electric Bike Car074Gramorail075Our addiction to oil!076Prosthesis 081Jonathan demonstrates part of the controls for Prosthesis082Controls for Prosthesis037Aaron rejoins the stage 085We’ll be right back after this word from our sponsor  – HP090General Session Day 2 to continue

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