SolidWorks World 2014 – General Session Day 1 – Photo Journal – Part 4 #sww14 #solidworks

Rick Chin introduces Hugh Herr – MIT Media Lab – Biomechatronics Director181Hugh Herr creating bionic limbs that emulate the function of natural limbs183Mechanical driven, microprocessor controlled184Hugh and Rick discussing how the prostheses mimics the action of a biological ankle185Robotic ankle-foot prosthesis with gait-adaptive knee prostheses186SolidWorks Stress Analysis 187Hugh details the movement of the prostheses188But not only does Hugh develop the product he also tests them, as he is a double transfemoral amputee189Hugh show his prostheses194and demonstrates the movement both walking and running195Hugh tells his story of how his love of climbing leads to frost bite and the amputation of both his legs.  Early development leads not only to specialised feet for climbing but to the ability for him to change his height.  “It worked with the ladies I could adapt my height to suit”197Hugh talks about the socket connection and the development for fitment to the limb200A wonderful image with Aimee Mullins 204Additional images from the Press Conference 210Hugh Herr – showing some leg!211Bertrand Sicot returns to the stage to close the Day 1 – General Session205

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  1. […] the same could have been said about Hugh Herr  – MIT Media Lab.  A Keynote speaker on Day 1 – SOLIDWORKS World 2014.  What a truly inspired presentation that turned out to […]

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