SolidWorks World 2014 – General Session Day 1 – Photo Journal – Part 2 #solidworks #sww14

Bernard introduces a video now Dassault Systemes helps the world – Each Day
079Each Year091along with their customers087Some of Dassault Systemes Customers093Forbes name Dassault Systemes #3 Most Innovative Company095and introduces some Dassault Systemes Philosophy097and shows products of the “3DEXPERIENCE” platform100Bernard talks “3DEXPERIENCE” platform101and introduces EXELEAD for “Big Data”104Bernard introduces Vincent Picou – Chief Executive Officer 3DVIA107to talk about HomeByMe111(is this the re-invention of Live Buildings? ) 112HomeByMe is an online 3D space planning service115Add SolidWorks content soon117with in the not to distant future119Bernard finishes with some more “3DEXPERIENCE”121Bertrand Sicot re-enters the stage 125Bertrand talks of the introduction of SolidWorks Mechanical Conceptual and Bernard gives the crowd the big “YES”126Day 1 to be continued

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