TranslationXPERT for SolidWorks – For the non Multi-Linguist #solidworks #intercad

Russian        We’ve all received them (or downloaded them) you know those SolidWorks Assembly, Part or Drawing files from overseas!   It’s all in a language that, well, you  frankly have no idea about!   Sure you can recognise the icons and work your way around it!   But what if you had to make your annotations clear and precise to an overseas manufacture!   Well it appears not to be a problem any more!

      As I discovered today when I was put onto this new product. Developed by InterCAD (an Australian SolidWorks Reseller, or as they now profess, a full-service mechanical computer-aided engineering solutions provider) Released just over a month ago is TranslationXpert.  In their own words:

Translation-Xpert-logo “TranslationXpert is a revolutionary new product from Intercad. It allows any SolidWorks designer, located anywhere in the world, to exchange drawings, parts and assembly files with other designers regardless of language. By alleviating the need for designers to worry about how to manually translate feature names, drawing annotations, custom properties, configurations, display states, title blocks and tables”

In their Press Release they talk initially about the product being used for English – Chinese translation.  However it states that the “infrastructure of the product is designed to be a truly international and multilingual, translating from any language to any language”

For better understanding watch their following transtationXpert video! (Change to 720 for better Quality)

It certainly looks to be an interesting Add-In for those who need their SolidWorks models and drawings in multiple languages!

For more information contact InterCAD

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