Rendering the Porsche Carrera GT #solidworks #photoview 360

It was way back in January of this year (the 8th to be precise!) that Mark Biasotti (Senior Product Manager – Dassault Systemes SolidWorks) posted his SolidWorks Doesn’t Do Trains Planes and Automobiles post on the SolidWorks Forum!  It covered his story on why he produced his incredible model of one of the worlds most magnificent vehicles the – Porsche Carrera GT!

In a post a few days later he very generously made available the models for downloads  (both the master model and a assembly version!)

I was fortunate to bump into Mark (in one of the corridors of the “Swan” ) at SolidWorks World 2013 and had a brief discussion with him about the Porsche.   Apart from complimenting him of his amazing work I said I was keen to put my own spin on Rendering the GT!   Now a mere 12 weeks later and I’ve finally found a few spare nights to run the Porsche through PhotoView 360!

Apart from keeping a few of Mark’s modified textures, I started from scratch and gave it a whole new colour system!
Even in my most vivid dreams I don’t know if I have half of the ability to produce a model like this but at least I hope my renders can do some justice to Mark’s model!

First I ran it through the “Studio”
Porsche - Studio Front

Porsche - Interior

Porsche - Studio Rear

Before taking it out on location!
Porsche - Boston Morning

Porsche - Oslo Opera

Porsche - Driveway

I have a few more locations I would like to run it by! Hopefully it wont take another 12 weeks!

3 responses to “Rendering the Porsche Carrera GT #solidworks #photoview 360”

  1. Nice job on the Carrera GT Michael – looks good in Black! I especially like your outdoor HDR’s – well done.

    1. Thanks Mark
      I appreciate the comments and I’m pleased that you like them!

  2. […] a 100% for longer) with a more difficult render.     It’s been a while since I’ve played with Mark Biasotti – Porsche Carrera GT ( SolidWorks Doesn’t Do Trains Planes and […]

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