More Direct Editing Tools – A Voyage of Discovery #solidworks

Over the past few weeks I’ve embarked on a voyage of discovery (or is that one of enlightenment!) after first delving into SolidWorks Direct Editing Tools
Having now taken what was first learned from Lars Christensen ( (and his Dumb Solids: Make them your Friend in SolidWorks – Presentation) and throw in some trial & error!   The result is I’ve now taken an entirely different approach to what I normally would have when required to model  these couple of parts!

In the past I would have approached this simple “T” piece in a whole different way!

T piece - Display

After first starting with a Sketch and a Revolve (Thin)

Sketch of Revolve

In the past I might have mirrored the sketch or the revolve but using the Direct Edit I can copy the body, move it to the Origin and Rotate! Creating a multi-body

Copy, move Rotate

Mirrored the Body (Select Merged result).   This also gave me the opportunity to use the “Intersect” tool.   Matt Lorono has a couple of interesting posts (to read) on the Intersect Tool (and a different use of the Intersect Tool)
Select the bodies, Select Intersect then Select the regions to exclude (Select Merged result) Creating a single body!


Different Tools to create the required part.

Tee Piece

With this Imported Part it may have been simpler to re-model in Sheet metal (as it required re-positioning of the flange)

Metal Mount

But using the Direct Edit – Move Face Tool select the flange, Select Translate

Metal Mount - Move Select

Move the Flange to the required location (add 30mm)

Metal Mount - Move

Then use the Convert to Sheet Metal tool

Convert SheetMetal

and we have a  Sheet Metal Part (with required change) from the Imported Model!

Flat Pattern

Direct Editing Tools – taking a different approach to creating parts!

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