SolidWorks World – The Calm before the Storm #SolidWorks #sww13

The Sunday of SolidWorks World is always an interesting day! It’s about meeting old friends and making new one! It’s about finding your way around and for some of us, getting on the “right time zone”

It’s a time for people to Register!



And to collected our Passes (some with – Special Add-ons! ) and our T-Shirts!



It’s a time to finish the Pavillions & hang the signage!  (What! No Anne!)


The Food Hall may be empty!


And the Partner Pavilion yet complete!


But sometimes some Information leak’s out! (Well not so much leak’s out but more will follow in the following days)

SolidWorks new Community website mySolidWorks – in public beta was released today! 

Dan Herzberg has more details at


What’s more left but to bring on the Main Event!  Welcome to SolidWorks World 2013

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