SolidWorks World 2013 – It’s not that Far Away #solidworks #sww13

Now that my children’s Birthday is out of the way and their birthday present holiday, to Hawaii is done, I can now start to think about getting organised for SolidWorks World 2013


The realisation now is that SolidWorks World 2013 (Orlando, Florida – Walt Disney World – Swan & Dolphin) is only a touch over 4 weeks until I fly out.  That equates to a final crazy week of work before the then Christmas – New Year closedown!  Then back to work for a week and a bit, to start planning projects for the year!  Then it SolidWorks World 2013!  (Back home for Australia Day! And there goes January 2013!)  

I had a little time over the weekend to at least have a quick look at what Breakout Session were on offer.  I see now that rooms have been allocated for each session.   Which I take as the sessions have now been finalised and I guess allows them to finish work on the (hopefully) SolidWorks World 2013 App?  Like the 2012 version I assume we will see it for both operating major operating systems(?)  



I need to have a much more detailed study to see what sessions I’ll try and attend.  I’ll most likely take the opportunity over the Christmas – New Year break to do so! (Possibly with a cold ale at hand and the Cricket [what!]on the TV).   There looks to be a few session based around the Multibodies v Assembly debates!  Understandably with the continuing enhancement made to Multibodies over the past few releases and especially with SolidWorks 2013.   I have a few sessions pencilled in but really at this stage I’m not sure what I attend!

 There is always the issue of conflicting session, so unless you have worked out how to clone yourself, this will always remain be a problem.  But it always pays to have a couple of choices! Just because you register for a session it’s not guaranteed!  Early to the door is the best advice!  Also use the Sunday to have a good look around and scope out where the rooms are for your sessions!  You would hate to miss a session because of a wrong turn!     

One piece of news that dropped over the weekend, was released via the SolidWorks Forum, was the location of the Tuesday night Special Event!  Which is to be held at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, which includes The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  



This is fantastic news on so many levels!  The Special Event is one (of the many) highlights of the SolidWorks Worlds and this one looks to be extra special.

For me personally the news was great!  I was trying to figure out, how, with my limited time that I was going to see a little of Disney World (most likely Epcot Theme Park) and somehow (fulfil my daughters insistence that I) get to Universal and Harry Potter!  Problem now solved!

I’m really looking forward to the Walt Disney experience.   After the cities of San Antonio (2011) and San Diego (2012) I’m not too sure what to expect in, I guess, the “contained” areas of Disney World!  

Time will soon tell!

More importantly is the chance to catch up with my friends in the SolidWorks Community!

Now I just need for “my” Nexus 7 and “Unlocked” Mi-Fi to turn up and I’m ready to go! (But that’s for another story!)

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