Internet Correspondent – SolidWorks wants to give you a trip to SolidWorks World #solidworks #sww13

Last week SolidWorks commenced the SolidWorks Word 2013 – Internet Correspondent Contest! A little contest that I just happen to know a thing or two about. 


Enter via the SolidWorks Blog where you’ll also find all those small but necessary things like rules and regulations!

You might even find an idea or two from a past winning entry

I haven’t read that since I first wrote it!  It still cracks me up!

But I think this year you’ll need to be …….. a little different. You’ll need ………. well,  I suggest verse!

Something like, well something like this, should do the trick!

A visit to the SolidWorks Blog today,

Revealed they were soon to be giving away,

A trip to their “World”

Where you get to report to the World

The proceeding you witnessed that day!


Your words are the key, for getting in FREE

Your words are the keys to success,

So give them something warm to embrace,

Whilst they ponder your fate,

Don’t leave it to chance there’s no rest


Now give them your best,

Leave them, no room for the rest,

Give them no doubt you’re the one

So inspire them with words and impress them with grace

But do it right now and don’t leave it too late


Or hit them with charm,

Or hit them with wit

At least hit them with something

And do it real quick!


As this rhymes nearly done,

It’s your time to shine in the sun,

To show them you have what it takes,

But don’t leave it too late,

Or you’ll miss out on the date

The TITLE is there for the taking!

After those words of advice, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!

Get over there, put in an entry!

What’s the very worst that can happen!  You win!

Look forward to seeing you in Orlando – Florida


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