Rendering with Modo Materials in PhotoView 360 – SolidWorks 2013 #SolidWorks #PhotoView360 #Modo

With SolidWorks 2013 you now have the ability to use Luxology Modo Material Assets in PhotoView 360. 

The best way to get started is with this video from Ron Bates of SolidWorks Corporation  (Change Quality to 720HD for better viewing)

The Modo Material Asset page has a wide range of “different” materials that you don’t find in PhotoView 360.   The “textured” material were of the most interest, so I downloaded a few to see what they could produce.

The first thing you notice when you apply a Modo material is that it doesn’t display the “represented” material.  It’s not until you Preview the render that you see the “real thing”


There are some limitations with the Modo Materials.  You have very little, if any “adjustment” over the materials.  Some you can “position” and size but most I tried there were no adjustment.   I also found that some just didn’t work!  A few would apply the material to the part but would then just display Grey in the Preview!   

With that said overall Modo materials allow you to produce Renders that you could never produce with just PhotoView 360 alone!  No matter how much you try to adjust the settings!

The only thing left to do is apply some Modo Material and run some Renders!

Using Modo Assets: Chipped Painted Wood and Procedural Old Wood    

I love the Chipped Painted Wood and how you can see the timber grain effect thru the White paint.  You then get the additional dimension with the chipped paint!   


By using “Bump” and “Displacement” in PhotoView 360 you can produce a “fluffy” look with reasonable results with PhotoView fabric materials!  Although not as simple or as good compared to using Modo Asset:Fur Wolf (on Bear by Voibor via GrabCAD)


The one issue to note with Fur Wolf is the time taken to run the render.  This 1200 x 1600 took around 7hours on my i7-Q840 1.87Ghz, 8GB-RAM machine.

Modo Asset: Rust Tube (on Bobber Bike frame by Terry Stonehocker via GrabCAD)


And a Glass full of Modo Asset: Confetti


And I couldn’t go past giving Matt Perez Audi TT a re-spray in Modo Asset: Red Metallic


So that just a couple of Renderings using just a few of the many available Modo Asset Materials in PhotoView 360. 

 If you get the chance give them a try!  

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