UPDATE: eDrawings for iPad 1.1.0 More Features and Functionality #eDrawings #SolidWorks

eDrawings for iPad today received an update (Version 1.1.0) which brings it closer aligned to the Desktop version.

Now supporting Standard Orthogonal & Perspective Views

Components display Shaded with Edges

Parts can be displayed Transparent and can be Hidden or Part displayed only.  Selected either from the tree or Graphics area

Files can be sorted by name, extension, date and size.

These and more as shown in the What’s New in Version 1.1.0 below:


I had a quick opportunity this morning to update one of the works iPad 2 and have a quick view.  A few screen shots showing some of the updates.

Pop Up Tool Bar with Standard Orthogonal & Perspective Views Selection. Parts shown with Shaded Edge Mode


Part displayed Transparent


Part displayed Hidden


Part only displayed


Files sorted by name, extension, date or as shown, size


The updated functionality now makes eDrawings for iPad a much more usable tool.    It’s still not perfect and is limited by the iPad capabilities (In our case an iPad 2) I had flicker and shuttering graphics with the Shaded Edge displayed using the shower unit (4.3MB)  I’m yet to be able to open the vehicle assemble file shown (19.2MB).  Thanks to Lou Gallo – SolidWorks Heard I know it can be opened on a iPad 3

It’s getting there and I look forward to seeing further development! The real game changer will come when we see Measure and Mark Up capability.



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