Taking the Zonda for a Spin! & Other Assorted Renderings #KeyShot #SolidWorks #PhotoView 360

If the past month hasn’t managed to kill my Dell Studio XPS 1645 then nothing will!  Between Rendering and Render Animations (for work and play) over the past month on weekends it been running at 100% CPU for 24 to 30 hours at a time.

It started with the Render Contest now being hosted by Deepak Gupta on his Boxer’s SolidWorks Blog.  It’s a good fun monthly contest with I urge all to enter!  (Besides I need some competition! J)

 My Entry (Contest 74)


& a few that didn’t make the grade.


Reflections on the Sand don’t work!


But I do like the partial buried look!


There was also the KeyShot Rendering Contest.   Which was won by far better entries than those that I submitted.  I think they made a great choice for the winning entry!

My Titanium and Gold (on Gold) Entry


My simple Animation of the Titanium and Gold (on Gold)

One plus of entering the KeyShot Rendering Contest was that I had a enough hours left on my trial licence to finally take the Zonda for a spin!  I really like the Window Frame light which produces great shadowing and how the Metallic paintwork changes through the rotation.   The Titanium wheels produce great reflections.  So if you concentrate on those you mightn’t notice the patches that I missed on the inner wheel wells!  

Change Quality to 1080 for better viewing

Might need to give the Dell XPS a rest now!

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