KeyShot 3.1 Animation – My Animation Experience #KeyShot #Rendering #Animation

KeyShot 3.1 Animation

Continuing from my last post with KeyShot 3.1

 I’ve never run an Animation Rendering before so I was interested to see how and what could be achieved with KeyShot 3.1.   So I dragged out my old Chess Set (set up with one of my inglorious defeats!) to first Render.  As much as I like my Chess Sets in timber I was also interested in using Anodized Material.  (I also find that Timber grain Materials are the least realistic and are limited in choice of materials when rendering)   

Using Anodized Black, Anodized Grey for both the pieces and the board, with a edging of Anodized Red I ran the following Render


To finish up with this Rendering


It was time to see how to run an Animation.  Selecting the Animation tab brought up the Animation box which allows you to select the Animation Wizard


Selecting the Animation Wizard gave you the Option of what types of animation you can run.  Either Animating the Part/ Assembly (moving the Part/ Assembly) or using a Camera Animation (moving the Camera) 


Animations Properties can then be set.  In the case of Camera Orbit, the number of degrees and in all cases the Length of Time of the Animation


So here is where it all gets interesting and we can do some maths! 

A 50 second Animation equals – 50sec x 24Frames a second = 1,200 Frames. 

1,200 Frames x 27second per render (on my computer with the render set at 1280 x 719 at 300dpi) = 32,400 seconds

32,400 seconds divided by 60 = 540 minutes

540 minutes divided by 60  =   9 hours

So I Set the Animation, watched a little television and got some sleep! Woke in the morning to find a simple but impressive animation! The following are my first few Animations using KeyShot 3.1 Animation Wizard.

Adjust Setting to 720HD for Better Viewing

Camera Animation – Orbit

Camera Animation – Zoom

Camera Animation – Inclination

These were my first Render Animations!   KeyShot 3.1 proved to be a simple and easy to use program that produces high quality Animations!

Now I wonder if I have time to produce an Animation of the Zonda!!!

5 responses to “KeyShot 3.1 Animation – My Animation Experience #KeyShot #Rendering #Animation”

  1. Great work man! That anodized black is one of my favorite! The animation would look sweet with all three combined. Love the slow motion you’ve used. Much better that just a standard 360 degree spin about! What’s next? the Zonda?

  2. Thanks Josh. You know the real talent is in the software not me! The anodised materials are great, I have a liking for the "Black Chrome". Was hoping to run the Zonda before I ran out of time! It was the 27hour run time that beat me!

  3. So awesome Michael, I’m blown away! It’s a gorgeous work of art, well done!

  4. Hi, how long did it take Keyshot to make that 30 seconds animation? In my i5 processor computer, a 20 seconds animation is taking like 20 hours…

    1. Luciano,
      That would be about right!
      It is all in the maths. 60second x 30 frames per second = 1800 Frames. 1800 at let’s say 30 seconds per render = 54,000 seconds. = 900mins = 15hours. Faster processor & more cores are the only answer

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