SolidWorks World 2012 – A Look Behind the Scenes #sww12 #SolidWorks

The General Sessions of SolidWorks World and what takes place on stage should always be the main focus!  However sometimes what’s happening around you is of just as great an interest! 

There is always a buzz around the Monday General Session.  Anticipation runs high but it was taken to a new level of intensity when I was seated next to Bruce Buck who was live streaming the session to the SolidBox Facebook page and reporting for SolidSmack.   I’ve never seen a person be able to take photographs and type at the same time with only two hands!    

This is an image from the Wednesday Session. Bruce Buck (with camera & laptop) and Multimedia personality of SolidSmack and Engineer v Designer  – Josh Mings


Bruce’s coverage of Day 1 on SolidSmack
Bruce’s coverage of Day 2 on SolidSmack

Bruce’s coverage of Day 3 on SolidSmack

Mark Schneider after his own presentation (Model Mania) watches on with interest as Marie Planchard talks with Aldebaran Robotics founder Bruno Maisonnier


Kristen Wilson & Laura Kozikowski (Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp) talk with David Triggiani (Business Manager Howe and Howe Technologies Inc. ) and Mike Howe – Howe and Howe Technologies Inc before the Press Conference


Geoff & Mike Howe – Black Opp Brothers


Kristen, Laura, David, Geoff & Mike


Geoff Howe being “wired for sound”!


Geoff & Mike talking business with Ben Eadie Using SolidWorks


Note: The Howe & Howe Technologies Logos on opposite sides of the brothers shirts! I’m trying to work out if that’s deliberate to assist others or if they are “mirror” twins and they plan it that way!

Brad Holtz – Cyon Reaseach in discussion with Matt West (Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp)


Kevin Goosie – The SolidWorks Internet Correspondent


Fielder Hiss explains Dassault Systèmes – SolidWorks position on the future of the SolidWorks product!
No Kernel change for SolidWorks!
New Kernel for new suite of products – SolidWorks V6
Simultaneous development of both Products. Expensive Yes! but can’t afford to get it wrong!
Timeline for release! No! but can’t
afford to get it wrong!

Mobile Product/ Viewer! Yes!
Timeline for release of Mobile Product! No!


A few images from Behind the Scenes!

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